Wah Yan College Hong Kong
School Development Project - SDP Phase III School Hall Complex Photo Album
(Created by Nicholas Tsui in September 2014)

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Wall Mural - Brief History of Wah Yan

17 ft. x 4 ft. wall mural in the Conference Room of the Francis H.B. Wong Teaching Building.

A brief history of Wah Yan College Hong Kong from 1919 to 2004 visually illustrated.

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Bird's eye view from the east (AIA Building)

On the left is the new Wu Jieh Yee Building (Phase III) a.k.a. New School Complex. Construction Floor Area: 3,585 sq. m

On the right is Francis H.B. Wong Teaching Building (Phase I & Phase II) a.k.a. SIP Annex. Construction Floor Area: 3,064 sq. m
Auditorium stage-centre (360-degree view virtual tour)

The auditorium boasts an expansive 1270 sq. m of floor area. It entertains a seating plan for 1,000 comfortably, making it possible for the whole School to assemble for the first time in Wah Yan history.

Auditorium stage-left

The generous space of the stage, professional sound and AV systems, well appointed control room and balcony space are prerequisites for high standard performances and functions. 

Auditorium floor-centre (360-degree view virtual tour)

Panoramic view from the centre of the audience floor. With the chairs removed, the auditorium becomes a standard size indoor basket-ball court complete with spectators’ areas.
Auditorium floor-back row

Showing clear view of stage as well as texture details of wall panelling.
Auditorium balcony

Right next to the control-panel room, the balcony is a good place for setting up cameras to record performances, conferences, seminars, as well as basketball matches.
Covered playground-looking from the east

The Wu Jieh Yee Plaza, a 930 sq. m multi-purpose covered area, ensures the continuation of activities despite adverse weather conditions. It serves as a pre-function lobby area for activities held in the auditorium upstairs.
Covered playground-looking from the south

The 6 m high ceiling opens up the vista of lawn area and allows the free flow of air between the lawn and the Stubbs Road area. Facilities on the left include a prayer room, a gym room, changing rooms, lavatories and more. 

Roof garden

The tanquil Cheung Lap Kwun Garden on the roof provides a 350 sq. m haven in which students can conduct activities or relax in a peaceful environment against the backdrop of the breath-taking panoramic view of Wanchai.
Classrooms on the roof

The 3 classrooms adjacent to the roof-garden are partitioned with folding doors that can be opened up to create a large multi-purpose room. White-boards and AV equipment are installed in the classrooms. Full height folding glass doors facing the roof garden to the north make the classrooms bright and airy.
Front approach

The approach to the new Wu Jieh Yee Building from the driveway adjacent to Francis H.B. Wong Teaching Building.
View from SIP Annex

Care has been taken to ensure that the beloved green lawn and the trees that grow on it have remained unharmed throughout the construction of the new school hall.

View from north-west

Phase III 邱元德堂 (Chinese name of the School Hall) as seen from roof of the old classroom wing.

Partly visible on the left is Phase I & Phase II SIP Annex.
View from south west

Exterior of the back stage and the stairs well as seen from the playground.
View from west

Cross on the facet of the stairs well facing Wanchai in the west is visible from afar day and night (when the light is on).