In Memory of Our Beloved Brother Joe Lung 龍述祖

- MESSAGE from Maria Lung (29 Jan 2010):

Just wanted you to know that we had Joe's interment and memorial service
in El Cerrito, CA on Jan 29. Michael Yeung delivered an eulogy on behalf
of his Wah Yan friends. Bosco, Clement, Steve Chan, Hoover Kwok, and
George Chok all attended. Weather cooperated and we had sunshine during
our outside interment service. Joe's now at rest in a peaceful site
underneath a small waterfall and overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in
CA. Everything went smoothly for our service.

Thanks to you and all your Wah Yan brothers for your support of our
family after Joe's passing away.


- Eulogy for Lung Jai by Eugene Chok

- Web Album

- Download Programme Booklet and photos of Joe's memorial service on 19 Dec 2009 (in Uniion Church and in restaurant with Joe's brother Sam, seated on the left, after the funeral) provided by Vincent Lee (Seng Jik):

- MESSAGE from Maria Lung (21 Dec 2009):

For those of you in California, if you think you can make it to his final interment, PLEASE email me to let me know and I'll send you final details later. I would like to know numbers so I can arrange the luncheon service.

A short memorial and burial service will be held on Friday January 29, 2010 at 11AM. It will be held at the Sunset View Mortuary and Cemetary, 101 Colusa Ave, El Cerrito, CA, followed by a luncheon gathering with slideshow and tributes to Joe. I hope some of you in the Bay Area or CA will be able to attend. (The Cemetary only does this on weekdays.) If you do plan to do so, please let me know and I'll send you details via email, when rrangements are finalized.

Thank you for your friendship and support of Joseph!!


Dear Wah-Yan friends of Joe,
Joe suddenly passed away today. This came out of the blue, since he seemed stable just this AM. The docs think he may have had another aortic rupture, since his Hgb dropped drastically and they could not resusitate him. The ward people said I should let family and friends know, just in case they want to see him before they take him away. They will keep him in Queen Mary Hospital E5 cardiothoracic intensive care unit until 3pm today. If you want to come to see him one last time, you need to soon. Call Sam, Joe's brother, if you need directions.
Maria (2009-11-18 13:35)
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Dear Maria, I'm deeply saddened on hearing the news. Please accept my deepest condolences. Joe has been a shining beacon of bravery, optimism, endurance and love among his family, friends and schoolmates, and he will live in our hearts forever. Take good care. Sincerely, Joseph Sham (aka dai sum)
Maria, Here's another story about Joe and ... you ... eons ago ... on that street in berkeley ... telegraph avenue facing shattuck gate ... there were tons of hippies, street vendors, students, drifters, aroma of incense and perhaps a tint of marijuana ... vibrant, euphoric place ... there i bumped into joe and you ... fast forward to perhaps 10 years ... in hong kong ... chuck n cheese restaurant ... joe, you, your two toddlers and me ... we were having a swell time ... fast forward (or back) another 15 years ... in joe's office hong kong ... i told him that my career went south, down in the toilet ... he said "... it's just a blip ... hang on ..." exactly like his signature grin ... joe was always: POSITIVE! we too, are positively sure : we will meet again! we were fortunate to have joe ... he was fortunate to have you ... stand by him through thick and thin ... love Steve Chan
Dear Maria, Loretta and I offer our deepest sympathy for you and your girls. We are sure Joe is now resting in peace in heaven. Please take good care of yourself. Alfred Chow
Dear Maria, I wish to convey my condolence to you and your bereaved family for the passing of Joe. I will pray for the repose of Joe's soul. I hope you find solace in the Lord. Believe in Him, for He is the resurrection and the life. With my deepest sympathy, Bernard Tang Bun (Deacon Candidate)
Joe and I met when we were in Kindergaarten in True Light, along with Nicholas Lai Oi Man and Mike Cheung Chee Kee. We took leave of each other in 1967 and got, most thankfully, reconnected in 2007. Lung Chai has been, and always will be, in our hearts and minds. Although his passing was not unexpected, it nevertheless shocked and shook me and I echo the sentiments and feelings expressed in the previous emails. Please accept our deepest condolences from Angela and me. Please take care of yourself and your daughters. Cecil Fung
Dear Maria, Sad to learn Joe has left us. He has been a brave soldier and fought to the last minute. No doubt we will miss his presence in our future meetings, he lives in our heart. My condolence to you and your girls. Please take care yourself. Dick Lau
Dear Maria, Please accept my deepest sympathy. Joe's very strong will power will always be remembered in our hearts. If you need any help, please let me know. Edmund Cheung
Dear Maria, Sad to hear the news but I know Joe has done his best, and so have you. I know God will do the rest to give him a resting place with Him, and to give you the comfort you need. My deepest sympathy. Regards, Edward Woo
Maria Joe and I were in the same class. He is always cheerful, naughty and always a love and hate for the teachers. Last year when I met him again after so many years, I was so sad to see him in his health condition But at the same time, admiring his courage and still see what I remember 40 years ago. Going to miss his emails! Eric Chan
Dear Maria and family, Our deepest condolences. I was classmates of Joe in Wah Yan for some years. After graduation, we followed our own path. In recent years, we met again. All classmates knew that Joe had to make special effort to join the Wah Yan gatherings. Yet he was always so involved. He had strong passion to share, in person or via email, his feeling and ideas on life and all things around us. His life glowed to the last minute. I believe that Joe is now resting in God's arms and someday we shall reconnect in Heavenly peace. Francis with Lilian Lee
Dear Maria & family, Sad to hear the news. Life has to go on for you and the girls. God will take care of our beloved Joe. We'll, I dare say, pray to God for Joe to achieve what he deserves. Gabriel Tong
I am so sad to receive your message. I believe that this is not the end of his life, but the beginning of his eternal life. Be strong and take good care of yourself. Please accept my most sincere sympathies. James Chan
Dear Maria, The last time I was with "Lung-Chai" (called by everyone then at Wah Yan) was on a summer day forty plus years ago in his family home at "Tai Hung Road" (or thereof which I cannot be exact now). The other classmate with us was "Au Woo" whom is now in California as I understand. We were invited to drop by after some core together earlier that day - probably something to do with preparing for US later that fall. While we were there it was obvious to me that he was engaged in some sort of "fighting spirit" with his mother, whom on the other hand was not exactly in an "easy-going" mood either, if not altogether grouchy. Never one to give up about anything without a fight, including against "the absolute authority" (such as Mom's), Joe always had this talent to combine wit, originality, humor, upbeatness, and smartness to his advantage to resolve matters, not only "getting away with it" nicely, but also making everybody (including a by-stander like myself such as that time) amused, inspired, and non-complaining if not altogether totally content. Above is still the image of Joe in my mind. He was a good old "neighbor" sitting next to me getting on very well together at Wah Yan F5. He certainly was smart (he once told me that he could "almost recite" the entire St Mark's Gospel believe it or not). Forever engaging, frank, and upbeat, he made everybody around him feeling his presence and influence in a very positive, gay, natural and unassuming way. In her movie/novel "To Kill A Mockingbird", Harper Lee described personal courage as: when you are licked before you begin but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what. Your seldom win, but you sometimes do. Lung-Chai - Joe, has left and gone to an eternal and better world. Winning some as well as losing some perhaps, just depending how or where one looks at things. But one thing is for sure; he has enlightened us, influenced us, and inspired us. He is courageous, content, and he is resting in peace. Sincerely, Joe Shum
Dear Maria, I am so sorry to hear the tragic news for your loss. Please accept my very sincere sympathy and condolence to you and your family. I could still remember how happy the school days I shared with Joe Lung in Wah Yan and how enjoyably we chatted at our Reunion Dinner in Hong Kong last year. Joe had a good sense of humour and was quite optimistic towards his health condition. His selected e-mails to me about everything are invaluale and will forever be missed. I was quite shocked to learn the sad news this afternoon. His friendly and cheeerful image will always be deep in my mind. I am now in China on business trip and originally I planned to visit Joe in late November. But now ........... Please take good care of yourself, Maria. Sincerely, Dr. Joseph K. C. Hui
Dear Maria, This is truly sad news. Joe (Little Dragon) is a well respected and loved classmate of ours, and he has remained cheerful all these years in spite of his ailments, and always so helpful. I still cherish fond memories of coming to your place at HKUST about 2 years ago, when I spent a whole afternoon with Joe, and met you briefly on my way out. We will miss him dearly. Please accept my heartfelt condolences, and I pray that Joe's soul will rest in peace. With deep sympathies and respect, K.H. Wun
Maria, our most sincere condolences to you and the family. He will be in our prayers. Matthew San
Dear Maria, Please accept my deepest sympathy to you and your family. I shall forever cherish Lung chai's cheerful disposition and the memory of the times we spent together both in high school and during our 2007 reunion. Take care of yourself. Lung chai is safe and well with the Lord. Mike Ngan
Dear Maria, I really had the premonition that Joe might not make it this time when you first informed us of his critical situation. Of course, like Joe, we all kept an optimistic mind hoping that his strong will would pull him through once more. It's tremendously sad that he left us so soon, but I think we all would like to think of him as an example of persistence, good humor and a great lover of life. At the very least, he taught us to treasure life at its fullest, not just when we are sick but all the time. He taught us to thank God that we are alive each morning, every morning. For myself, though I was forced to retire early, I learned from Joe that perhaps that's a good thing, that I could enjoy life more freely, at an earlier time when I am still able to travel and see buddies and relatives. In addition, he taught us that we need to be thankful that we are healthy. Life can be taken away from us at any time, not necessarily when we are older. Joe will always remain in my heart as a brave soldier and a humanitarian. Though we miss his presence, we shall celebrate his life and his unfailing courage. I am in China for a week or so, please let us know about his funeral arrangements. Patrick aka ballchai
Dear Maria, Please accept our deepest sympathy and condolences. I have been hoping Joe can pull through again this time and continue the idea he brought up a couple of years ago for reunion activity. He suggested chartering sail boat tours in Thailand or Vietnam. I seconded right away because I thought the idea was wonderful, even though a bit difficult to organize. But that's the kind of idealist Joe was. Too bad we have not carried that through. Paul & Donna Eng (aka Ng Fook Ming)
Dear Maria, We are sad to hear of the passing of Joe, who has always displayed so much bravery and courage. Kindly accept our condolence. We shall always remember Joe fondly for his strong character and willpower. We recall how in his sickness, he accompanied us all the way in our last Reunion in Hong Kong, always wearing a gentle smile on his face. He has set a good example in living life to its fullest, with all its ups and downs, without complaint or being discouraged. We cherish his friendship and pray that he is now enjoying everlasting Peace. Paul and Genevieve Chan
Dear Maria I don't know what to say except that I'll miss him and everything that he stands for. I'll miss his email too, particularly his financial advice. Take care and God bless Peter Lam aka Lam Chai
Dear Maria, Joe is always on my mind ever since we met again in 2006. His emails are most interesting and enjoyable, and above all they indicate his resilience and his insistence on living his life to the full despite the painful ordeal he encountered earlier. We felt uneasy whenever we missed his emails for more than two days, and relieved again when we knew he was just travelling abroad. We were rather worried when he was hospitalized again but we were united in prayer. Just two days ago I dropped in a nearby church at lunch break to say a little prayer for him so that he wouldn't be fighting alone silently. Now the bad news has saddened everyone of us, but I'm sure the Almighty will have the best in store for him and his family. His courage, cheerfulness and humour will always live in our memory. My sincerest condolences to you and the girls. God bless. Peter LAU
Dear Maria It's so sad to learn of the news. Joe was my classmate in the early 60's. After graduation, I lost contact with nearly all schoolmates until the reunion gathering in 2007. Though I was not close to Joe, I always saw him participating in the then gatherings when I was also present. I feel proud of Joe for his effort to join our activities after I have been advised of his health condition. He has shown us how to stand adverse conditions to achieve values in life for as much and for as long as he can. I will remember him with respect. May he rest in peace with God's blessings always to the family. Please accept my sincere condolences. Take care. Best Regards Peter Tam
Dear Maria, My deepest condolences on passing away of Joe. I never met Joe again since our graduation > 40 years ago. But his cheerful character and his big smile always standsout in my memory of our good old high school days. Being in the medical profession, I also understand and admire the courage that Joe showed all these years with his health issues. He will always be on our mind and in our prayers. P.K. Lee
Dear Maira & family, Joe and I were classmates for three years from P5 to F1. We did not cross path since then nor meet again. Not until we reconnected by emails more than forty years later. I remember Joe was a cheerful guy, indeed a life loving brave soul. May he rest in peace. I will miss his emails. My condolences and take care. Remus Tsang (aka Bakto)
Dear Maria, Patrick is right about Joe setting an example for us, I have always admired Joe’s ability to get so much out of life every day that he lived. It was not an easy fight and he can now rest in peace. My condolences to you and the girls. Stephen Siu
Dear Maria, I woke up this morning checking email and got this sad news. I read the emails from all the wahyan classmates. Please accept my condolences. I know Joe since Form 1. Our first encounter was stamps. At that time we both collect stamps and we brought our stamp albums to school to trade stamps. He is always a cheerful guy to be with. After graduation everyone in the whole form went on and didn't keep in contact much until there is email. I saw Joe again 2 years ago when I came to HK for the 40th reunion of the class of 67. May Joe rest in peace. Vincent (Jig chai)
Sometimes it's so hard to understand God's way. My guess is He's been teaching us the meaning of brotherhood and the beauty of life by giving us a precious and unforgetable 36 months with Joe. I suppose He did it without blinking an eye... but will us mortals ever be able to think about Joe again without missing him terribly? Nick Tsui
Dear Maria and family: I am very much saddened by the news of Joe's passing. Our thoughts and prayers will continue be with you all. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you at this most difficult time. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey the last few weeks. Joe will be fondly remembered amongst all of us classmates from Wah Yan 1967. Do take care and keep in touch with us all. Emmanuel, Nicholas Lai Oi Man and Jamie
Hi, Maria, Please accept my most heart-felt condolence to you and your family at Joe's passing. I have not been back to HK in recent years, but Joe's e-mails and CD sent to everyone have kept memories of the good old school days alive. We'll all miss him. Take good care of yourself. Felix (Leung).

Dear Joe: When we were at Wah Yan, we  knew each other only by name. We were never in the same class and we never mingled with each other. It was not until 40 years later after we graduated that we crossed path again at the reunion in Hong Kong. It was like meeting an old friend again- an old friendship rekindled - and since then I have been on your email list. I must admit that I don't read all your emails. I deleted most of them  before opening them, read some of them, and even save some of the ones that I read. But it doesn't matter to me whether I  read them or not. Over the last 2 years I got so accustomed to receiving your whole bunch of emails everyday that I actually looked forward to your emails each time I signed on. Knowing that you had a health situation, I felt worried if I didn't get your emails and as soon as those emails started coming again, I felt relieved. The 40th anniversary dvd's that you produced have forever embedded in all of us the friendship and brotherhood that we so cherish and I have watched them so many times over and over again. Your spirit and your will were always so high inspite of your health. For the entire class of '67, you are our idol. We'll see you in heaven some day. May God bless your wife Maria and your daughters and all of us. Louis (Miu)