Albert Wu v (Class of 67)
Funeral service to be held at Hong Kong Funeral Home, North Point:
17th September 2009 (Thur) 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm: Arrangement for friends to pay tribute
18th September 2009 (Fri) 11:00 am - 12:00 noon: Memorial service


I was informed by his family that Albert Wu passed away last Saturday, 29th August in Hong Kong. There will be local newspaper announcements to follow. The funeral will be held on 18th September, 2009 at Hong Kong Funeral Home, North Point.
I had the privilege of keeping in close contact with him during most of the recent years. We always ate at the simpliest eateries during his annual visits to Vancouver. Refreshingly, wealth and luxury were definitely not his forte. We found life's simpliest pleasure like a nice walk in the park on a sunny afternoon.
Secretly, he had been an exceptionally generous philanthropist for a number of few years, particularly towards educating numerous needy youths in China.
Roger, I am sure you still remember our Primary days when we were trying to play tennis with Albert at the Peak.
Condolences to his wife, Diane.
- Gilbert Sze Yiu Tan

Albert entered Primary 5 of Wah Yan in 1960. For three years (P5,P6 & F1A) we set in the same room next to the ground floor toilet and adjacent to the tuck shop. As customary in those days, most of us had an elder brother in the school and our families knew each other well. It was particularly so in Albert's case for his mother was a close friend of Madam, our P5 class mistress and my aunt. Albert was sitting close, if not next, to me all through the three years because of the alphabetical order of our last names. Our corner would have no share in any of the violent pushing and yelling that infested many parts of the classroom. We were proud of our gentlemanly behaviour as we shared our silly jokes and giggles. In fact, we made each other giggle so much that we couldn't finish reciting "Five Little Squirrels Up On a Tree..." during a test. Madam gave us both "0" marks but even that didn't stop our giggling which lingered on until we heard it from our parents.
As we grew up, we went on different paths and, regrettably, never got together again... I find it hard to forgive myself for not trying hard enough. Albert paid me a handsome $6 to draw him a picture of an elephant in a circus. It was easy money, I thought, for lunch in the tuck shop was only 80 cents and Cola 20. They say that P5 and P6 were two important years of our formative age during when our characters and personalities were formed. I often amuse myself with the thought that Albert, being my first client, unknowingly launched me into a life time's career in the commercial art field.
I will remember Albert's gentlest of all minds and sweetest of all smiles ever.
- Nicholas Tsui