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  Our next Luncheon Meeting will be held on 21 June 2019 at 12:30 in the Chinese restaurant of the DSSR (behind St. Paul's Hospital in Causeway Bay)
  Joseph HUI visits Sydney, Australia with wife Sheila. (左起:伍定邦,黎家津,溫兆雄,許锦松,及許太Sheila,於澳洲悉尼市唐人街八樂居酒家相見欢。) - 2019.05.30
  Obituary: I am sorry to inform you that our dear classmate Edward Sin Wai WOO passed away this morning at home. We received the news from Kathleen, his loving wife.
As you know, Edward has been under treatment for his cancer for the last few years. He was hospitalized last week for some blood clog in his thigh. He was discharged from the hospital on Sunday and spent Mother’s Day dinner with his family. PK Lee, Andrew Lau and I are planning on getting together with him next week when he gets better. Unfortunately, the news about his passing came to us this afternoon.
We are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear classmate but I firmly believe Edward is now resting in heaven with our Lord. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kathleen and the three daughters. May God grant them strength and peace through this difficult moment.
(Funeral service details)       (Message from Kathleen WOO and family)
- Nicholas LAI 2019.05.16
  Obituary: We received the following sad news about the passing away of our beloved classmate Patrick LAM Hon Kay from his brother Bill:
波仔是昨天早上在東莞寓所内被大哥(林漢傑)Joseph 發现在家中沙發上失去知覺,马上送了入医院,即时轉入lCU, 经搶救後延至傍晚医院主動建議送他回香港並代安排救護車,這舉動已令我心知不妙,医生説他是肺炎及腎衰竭,结果等至晚上十点多才安排有车经罗湖送他至香港上水北區医院,雖然波仔一直昏迷,上車前医生仍给他注射了镇静剂,午夜後到達上水北區医院,延至早上三時十分去世。- Francis LAM Hon Bill 2019.01.24

敬告各位67年校友,波仔之丧禮將於2月3日四時起在世界殯儀館2楼永恩堂設靈供親友作懷缅及最後告别,2月4日早上10時大殮瞻仰遗容,11時蓋棺出殯。但因末能book 到火爐,火化只能過年後舉行。 我們亦安排了在2月1日星期五在華仁小教堂下午6時至7時為波仔舉行追思彌撒,希望大家能抽空参加,感恩!
- Francis LAM Hon Bill 2019.01.26
  Obituary: Our beloved Fr. Alfred Joseph Deignan S.J. returned to the Lord on 11th December 2018 at the age of 91. Funeral Mass was held in St. Ignatius Chapel, Wah Yan College, Kowloon, at 11 a.m. on 22nd December 2018, followed by burial in St. Michael's Catholic Cementery in Happy Valley. Fr. Deignan is remembered by the following video made by Nick Tsui

  Obituary: Our beloved teacher and friend Mr. Raymond YU Pui Lam passed away peacefully on June 13, 2018. His funeral was held in Vacouver on July 12. Memorial service will be held in Hong Kong on July 28 (Sat) in the School Hall of Wah Yan College Hong Kong, 281 Queen's Rd. East. Reception at 4:30 pm and Mass at 5:00 pm  
  Obituary: On the eve of February 7, 2018, our most beloved classmate James WONG Pui Chit passed away in Eastern Hospital. James had been unwell for several months and was not able to join our 50th Anniversary celebration. A kind hearted and respectable gentleman with an admirable sense of righteousness, his last words to us on our Class- 67 WhatsApp group the day before he died advocated social media etiquettes : "...words of hatred, anger and insult are powerful tools used by satan to turn people away from God to follow satan to the place of eternal fire. In fact, these are tools by many governments for their vicious purposes. It would be wise to take note on these." His advice will not be forgotten, neither wil the good times he shared with us throughout the years. May his soul rest in peace.  

We celebrated the 50th Anniversary of our graduation with the following events in 2017:
1. Racing & Dining - November 8
2. Speech Day & Dinner - November 9
3. Ocean Park Outing - November 10
4. Gala Dinner - Novermber 11



Click this to view [Photo Album]:

Click this to view [Video]:

We donated $1,967,000 to our Alma Mater and remade our Grad Album.
  Photo taken on September 28, 2017 at Zero 95, Melbourne, "The best pizza of the world", where CHU Sau Yee, Dick LAU and Edmund CHEUNG and their better halves are having lunch.
  It was on Monday night, September 11, 2017 at 7pm at the Sevilla Restaurant in the Greenwich Village in New York City where Louis MOU and KU Po Kong got together with their families.
  Vancouver gang's potluck dinner with visiting Patrick LAM at the residence of LEE Pui Kee on September 10.
  "Don't share your razors and toothbrushes," says Dr. Dominic HO (何錦賢), another one of our classmates making the news recently.
  Joseph HUI (許錦松) from Vancouver attended our Class 67 Luncheon on 24 Aug 2017.
Francis LEE (李允志), organizer of our Golden Anniversary Donation Campaign, announced the good news that over HK$1M has been raised and that donations were still coming in. Thank you Francis for the great work you are doing for our class and Wah Yan!
  Good News: Our classmate Peter LAU Chiu Yin (劉超賢) appointed Episcopal Delegate for Education, the Catholic Education Centre of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong (天主教香港教區教育事務主教代表), top man in charge of Catholic education matters. Congratulations Peter! We are proud of you!

The Vancouver gang welcoming Patrick LAM and Louis MOU with his wife Carolyn and daughter Erin.
- 2017.07

  Joseph HUI Kam Chung from Vancouver as our guest of honour at our Wah Yan College Hong Kong Class 67 luncheon on 9 May 2017.
- 2017.05.17
  Francis and Lilian LEE visiting Paul (Ah Fook) and Donna ENG in Honolulu. Picture taken in front of statue of Suen Yat Sun in Chinatown.
- 2017.05.08
"Sharing one of my happiest moments with you all."
- Matthew SAN - 2017.02.03
  Dear Classmates:
November 11, 2017 is the date that we, classmates of Wah Yan's class of 1967, will celebrate our 50th anniversary.
It was 5 years ago, that we celebrated the 45th anniversary.
And it was 10 years ago, in November 2007, that we celebrated the 40th anniversary.
But there was no 30th, 20th, or 10th or 5th anniversary celebration.
Back in those days, phone calls and regular mails were the only ways to stay in touch.
Classmates who had left home and went far away were mostly out of touch and beyond reach.
Then came the internet.
Through emails, we reconnected and one by one, we were added to the contact list. And one by one, we showed up, from far and near, when we came home. And ever since, we had stayed in touch.
Let's meet up again at the 50th anniversary reunion party.
- Classmate Ah Mou - 2017.01.19

R.I.P. Fr. Thomas McIntyre SJ 麥健泰神父 (6 Feb 1926 ~ 4 Aug 2016)
Fr. McIntyre passed away peacefully at around 2:30 pm this afternoon.
Fr. McIntyre was born in Ireland. He entered the Society of Jesus on 7 Sep 1948 and came to Hong Kong in 1953.
He was ordained in Ireland on 31 July 1959 and was the Form Master of F.4B of Wah Yan College HK in 1966.
(Photo Album of funeral at St. Michael's Cemetery on 13 Aug 2016)


Paul CHAN Ho 陳灝 (a.k.a. 火箭佬 in p.5) has surfaced!
We have finally managed to catch one of the two most difficult-to-catch runners in 兵捉贼 (favourite past-time in primary Wah Yan recess time).
Paul writes: "My permanent home is in Maryland (US) near Washington, DC. Mostly retired now, I am still a visiting scientist at Guangzhou's Sun Yat-sen University (中山大学) and visit 中大 several times a year. So I can hop over to HK easily. I am in Guangzhou now but am leaving for other parts of China in a couple of days. I will definitely go to HK and reconnect with the HK alumni next time." 
Ronald LAW Wing Keung found this write up on Paul http://cadata.camscma.cn/news2/show.aspx?id=1306&cid=6 (中国气象科学研究院)


 Mou with classmates in LA, Toronto and Vancouver in 2016

Mario, Dick LAU, James YEUNG and Edmond CHEUNG were here in Vancouver earlier this year in May. We had a gathering at my place and played some ping pong earlier that day in my church. The gathering was joined by Andrew CHU from Edmonton and Eric CHAN from Toronto. It was great to meet up again.
Our Vancouver group of 12 will get together on January 3, 2016 at PK Lee's new house. It will be lots of fun.
I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year. ---- Nick LAI

We were thrilled by the presence of two teachers, namely Chau-chau 余沛霖老師 and Ah Char 馮錦生老師, at our monthly luncheon on 15 Dec 2015. Coming in from Houston Texas was Ringo YEUNG Chik Leung and departing for Australia was CHU Sau Yee.

Web Album of Ah MOU's visit to Hong Kong in November 2015.

Cecil and Angela FUNG from Vancouver were the guests of honour at our monthly luncheon on 25 October 2015. The 'yum cha' table at the Disciplined Services Sports & Recreation Club was 18 strong, reflecting the popularity of the Fungs....."Welcome Home Cecil & Angela!"

 "Services and Accomplishments of Irish Jesuits Who Came To Hong Kong"
Documentary film made by Nick TSUI on the 104 Irish Jesuits who came to work in Hong Kong since 1926.

September 2017 mini reunion in New York/New Jersey - Ah MOU

Mario LEE's Email Hacked: "You probably have received by now an email from Mario asking for help in the Philippines. Through whatsapp, Mario asked me to inform you that his email account has been hacked and he is perfectly OK in HK. No help is needed," Peter Lam. (Francis Lee and Peter Tam Fat have also sent in similar messages). - 2015.07.15

Went to Duluth and visited the north shore of Lake Superior, the world's largest fresh water body. The view is awesome. The water is spectacular, amazingly clean and clear. It is indeed superior.
- Peter LAM

A welcome dinner for Landa and Mario LEE by the 1967 gang in Toronto.
Back row: Georgiana Ku, Linda Chan, Eric Chan, David Lok, Matthew San, Paul Chan, Genieve Chan, Elsie Ng, Francis Ng
Middle row: Maggie Cheng, Jerry Cheng, Remus Tsang, Mario Lee, Joe Shum, Po Ku
Front Row: Jenny Tsang, Landa Lee, Phyllis Chuang, Judy San, Elizabeth Lok

The video below was taken during the dinner gala. The 40 minute to the 54 minute mark is where you see my daughter and then me speaking on the stage. Louis (a.k.a. Ah Mou)

Robert LO (a.k.a. LO See) recently visited our Aussie classmates in Sydney and had a wonderful dinner gathering with them and their spouses.

  A very special monthly lunch on March 26, 2015 at the Police Officers' Club with very special visiting guests Michael SZETO from Westport and Clement LEUNG from Fremont. Also, making his debut was 盧健洪, better known as 大哥洪 (and standing between Mario and Law Wing in the left picture).
  Remus (a.k.a. White Rabbit) and Jenny TSANG from Toronto visited Hong Kong and Shanghai in December 2014. Web Album

Stephen SIU went to NY in November 2014.
Web Album


Dr. James YEUNG, Mario LI, TO Man-Kuen and Dick LAU together with their better half joined the Western Mediterranean MSC Splendida Cruise between 25 Oct and 2nd Nov 2014. They also spent a few days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on their return journey.
We played BIG basket ball during school days when we were young. On maturing, SMALL ping pong is more suitable for us.
A mini gathering with folks from Toronto on 8th Nov 2014 at DSSRC (-Dick LAU)

Any Wahyanites who would like to enjoy a game of ping pong may join them on Sunday mornings from 9 to 11 at the Disciplined Services Sports Club at Cotton Tree Path, Causeway Bay. Or, they may contact Mario LEE at 90948989 (-Mario LEE)
  Ah Mou went to SF in June 2014, to LA in August 2014 and to LA again in January, 2015.
Web Album
  Francis LEE visited MOU back in May 2014. Web Album.
  Back to school pic. Teachers (seated L to R) FUNG Kam Seng 馮錦生老師, LEE Kwok Pui 李國培老師 and CHAU Sui Hay 周兆熙老師. Standing Nicholas TSUI 徐佩傳同學, Dick LAU 劉迪光同學 and James YEUNG 楊傑材同學.
Photo taken at the Opening and Blessing Ceremony of the New School Hall of Wah Yan on 20 September 2014. Over a thousand old boys, teachers, students, parents and friends attended.
Take a virtual tour of the new school complex here.

Cecil 馮治中 and Angela FUNG visited the Toronto gang in July 2014.
Standing L to R: 陳家彬, 吳民卿, 顧寶剛, 陳燕榮, 岑衍祖, 馮治中 and 陸國楷.
Seated are their bosses.

Ah MOU went West to visit Steve CHAN and Dominic HO.
Click on first picture on the left to read full message from Ah MOU.
  Emily, wife of Lawrence YEUNG Nai Luen 楊乃聯, is hosting a Chinese Opera Performance 粵劇折子戲專場
at the Sunbeam Theatre 新光戲院 in North Point on 17 July 2014 (Thursday) and would like to invite Class '67 Wahyanites to attend.
It would be wonderful opportunity for us to get together and show our support for her years of hard training.
Since tickets availible are limited on a first come first served basis, please call Emily at 94871027 or contact her by email to make your free booking A.S.A.P.
  We had a good luncheon gathering at the Police Officiers' Club in Causeway Bay on 30 May 2014 to welcome Raymond KWAN Pak Ho from Houston. We had a nice time talking about the good old days, grand children and the like. The rare appearances of Dominic HUNG Hin Ling and James YEUNG Kit Choi further delighted us all.
"....and the Best Interior Design Apartment Canada of the 'International Property Awards - 2013-2014' goes to Four Seasons Residences, Toronto designed by Po Ku Design Build!"
We are proud of you KU Po Kong 顧寶剛!!
  Picture taken at Class 67 Luncheon at the Police Officers Club in Causeway Bay on 24 January 2014 to welcome Dominic HO (Chan Chan) and family who are visiting Hong Kong from California.
  I have the pleasure of producing an e-book "積聚材寶" "Accumulating The Treasure" written by CHU Sau Yee 朱壽儀, the only lawyer I know who has studied Theology. He has also taken all the photographs in the book. His Eminence Cardinal John TONG 湯漢樞機 recommends it in the Preface. Please take a look at the e-book. - Nick TSUI
  I'm sooo happy to meet Dick and Angela LAU for lunch today (30 December 2013) ... a short lunch indeed, less than an hour and a half ... considering we haven't met almost half a century ...
We talked about you guys ... best wishes!
Steve CHAN
Sau Yee, Teresa and Karlu CHU visit Hawaii from 20/12-28/12. We meet up with Paul and Donna ENG in Honolulu.
A Healthy and Happy New Year from the Chus and Engs family.
From left to right Sau Yee CHU, Paul ENG, Karlu CHU, Donna ENG and Teresa CHU yum cha at China Town.
  A luncheon was held at the POC on 16th Dec 2013 to welcome Paul CHAN Ka Bun and his charming wife Genevieve who are visiting from Toronto.
The gang took the opportunity to celeberate Patrick LAM Hon Kay's birthday. Pictures courtesy of Francis LEE Wan Tsi.
Patrick (a.k.a. Ballchai) remarked:"My thanks to all of my mates who were at the luncheon; I can safely say that we hadn't had so much fun just spending time with each other for a long time. So much good jiving. Yup, not talk, jive. Well, of course, with occasional healthy tips from our resident doctor, Francis Lee who showed us how to stretch horizontally. We were kind enough not to insist that he does it that way, so Francis did the demo vertically. All in all, we made fools of ourselves. I especially hoped that Seng Chu's wish that I would grow taller will bear fruit in 2014. Special thanks to Dai Bun for arranging the luncheon and cake. And our organizer Low Cheung for his dubious dedication in setting our luncheon dates.

Ah MOU threw his annual party at the Conrad Hotel on 15th November 2013 to entertain his classmates and two of their former teachers, Mr. CHAU Siu Hay 周兆熙 and Mr. FUNG Kam Sang 馮錦生.

Dear Classmates, here's an album I put together with pictures from my November trip to Hong Kong. This includes pictures we took at the reunion dinner. Please enjoy ---- Ah MOU

View Web Album by Ah MOU / Web Album by Nick TSUI of the evening and YouTube clip of Ah Mou's dance sequence.

  A mini gathering held on 10th Oct at Luk Kwok Hotel with LAI Ka Tsun from Sydney, Joseph HUI Kam Chung from Vancouver and Matthew SAN Ping Yiu from Toronto. From the left to right on the photo; HUI Kam Chung, LAI Ka Tsun, LAU Dick Kwong, SAN Ping Yiu, CHEUNG Tze Yong and YEUNG Kit Choi. This is the first meeting for Matthew and Dick since gratuation from Wah Yan.
Lunch at the POC to welcome LAI Ka Tsun from Australia and Matthew SAN and Joseph HUI from Canada was held on 11th October 2013. As many as 21 attended.
  Ah MOU & wife Carolyn came here with Matthew SAN & wife Judy, on August 16, 2013. Mathew & Judy came to Jersey from Toronto to visit family. Web album - Ah MOU 2013.08.17
  This photo was taken at the gathering in Sydney during my visit. From the left is LAI Ka Tsun, NG Ting Pong, LAU Dick Kwong and WAN Shiu Hung. All the gentlemen are standing behind their respective better half.
On the table, there are famous Australian abalone and wine. Lots of good food and wine to follow and the dinner lasted for three hours. We talked a lot about our days in Wah Yan. It was a very enjoyable evening. 
WAN Shiu Hung has a new haircut. The Elvis style which he wore in Wah Yan is out-dated and no more suitable for him. NG Ting Pong becomes more handsome as his face is whiter than he used to be. This might be the adverse effect of the Australian sunray. The first time for me to meet LAI Ka Tsun after 46 years, he still looks the same as he was but with a few grey hair by now. He must made himself some special medicine to keep young. - Dick LAU 2013.08.12
  Web Ablum of Ah MOU's trip to Toronto
  2013.06.26 Lunch at Police Officers' Club,Causeway Bay to welcome Michael SZETO (7th from right) from the U.S. 
  Dick LAU, James YEUNG, Mario LEE Miu Lam, Edmund CHEUNG and TO Man Kuen in Europe, May 2013.
超半世纪的友情始於華仁書院, 現已滿溢地中海 - 劉迪光、 楊傑材、李梅林、 杜文權、 章子融, 携眷参加地中海郵輪假期, 旅遊意大利, 法國及西斑牙。
  A New Star is born: "Star 39M" has been nominated by 李梅林 our Captain of All Sports . Thank You Mario!!
  "Today (Monday, 16 Apr) is Paul & Genevieve's second last day of visit to Sydney as well as Patrick Lam's second day of visit to Sydney.
We had a dinner gathering at Tingha Palace Restaurant in Flemington.
In the pictures are Paul and Genevieve CHAN, Patrick Lam, Dr. Ka Tsun LAI and Rowena, David NG and son Sunny, Kitty and Gerald WAN. We had a most enjoyable evening," Gerald WAN.
Web album

  February, 2013, 4 months after Hurricane Sandy, Vincent Li (Ah Jig) came to New York
View web album
  18 January 2013 when Dominic HO, aka 何锦贤陈陈 was in Hong Kong.
  Picture taken on 14 January 2013 in Panyu 番禺 when David CHENG, SENG Chen-teh and 罗永(not in picture) visited Daniel K K KO after his heart operation.
  Class '67 Best Picture of the Year 2012:
"Ah Mou and His China Dolls"
- selected by the Editorial Team
  Photo Album:
Before, During & After Annual Banquet
25 November 2012
- courtesy of Ah MOU
  Yum-cha at Police Officers' Club, Causeway Bay, on 11 Nov 2012 to welcome classmates from overseas including Robert LO See (Vancouver) making his debute appearance at our Hong Kong luncheon gathering, MOU Kwok Lai (New York), Eric CHAN Yin Wing (Toronto) and Gerald WAN Siu Hung (Sydney) who effectively surprised us with his unannounced appearance.
  "A photo taken at Budapest with James YEUNG and TO Man Kuen for WYHKPSA website showing the half century friendship has merged to Danube River"- Dick LAU.
  Picture taken after luncheon party in honour of Andrew CHU Lok Yan, Raymond KWAN Pak Ho, Eric CHAN Yin Wing and Joseph SHUM Hin Cho at the Police Officers' Club on 5 Nov 2012.
  We had the honour of the presence of our Canadian brothers at our October Monthly Luncheon on 26 Oct. From Toronto and visisting the Police Officers' Club for the first time were Matthew and Judy SAN and Joe SHUM. Representing Vacouver was Nicholas LAI who has managed to stay on in this part of the world since our 45th Anniversary Reunion.
  Immediately after the Reunion dinner in Hong Kong, PK and Joanna LEE, Genevieve and I went to Sydney to visit relatives. Kitty and Gerald WAN, Rowena and LAI Ka Tsun, and David NG were kind enough to treat us to a great dinner. Here are some photos of our after meal activities.
Cheers and take care.

45th Anniversary Reunion Programme

Download List of Attendants

View WEB ALBUM September 24 City Tour & BBQ

View WEB ALBUM September 25 Harbour Cruise & Dart Game

View WEB ALBUM September 27 Reunion Dinner

Watch slide-show presentation at the Dinner


14 Stars donated by our classmaes to Wah Yan's Wall of Stars Campaign
Our Class '67 is doing well in the Wall of Stars Campaign. As at 8 Nov 2012, we have donated 14 stars.
These stars currently displayed at the School Development Project website will be relocated to the wall of the new school hall for permanent display when its construction is completed towards the end of 2013. Donors from our class include:
Star 27J: 謬國禮
Star 28J: Dick Lau
Star 30M: Edward Woo Shin Wai
Star 30N: 馬廣注
Star 31N: 孫承德
Star 33N: 張子棋 馮治中 許錦松 黎愛文 林雲峰 劉梓洵 李霈祺 陳士堯 廬獅
Star 34N: 陳富強 陳家彬 陳燕榮 鄭曉松 趙善承 顧寶剛 陸國楷 吳民卿 辛秉耀 岑衍祖 曾兆麟
Star 35N: 鄭文 鄭原 章子融 祝建民 朱壽儀 高國強 林漢基 林桂彬 羅永強 梁堅操
Star 36N: 劉迪光 李和生 李海元 李國銓 孫承德 蕭智豐 談發 徐佩傳 胡汝安 楊傑材
Star 37N: Michael Szeto
Star 38M: Ngan Yiu Cheung Mke
Star 38N: Anonymous
Star 39N: Anonymous
Star 39M: 李梅林
Star 40N: Sham Chung Ming Joe

27J 28J 30M 33N 34N 35N 36N 37N 38N 39N 40N
...... the next star could be yours, make your donation today!


Ah Mou tells the latest China Town Story.....

You are also invited to view Kwok Lai Miu's photo album: Old Hong Kong, from Honolulu & San Francisco, September, 2012

  TO Man Kuen, Edmund CHEUNG, Dick LAU, Mario LEE and James YEUNG at 南昆山温泉 Nankunshan Hotspring, Huizhou, Guangdong China with families. Picture taken 3 June 2012.
  Group Donation to rebuild school hall - HK$909 /share before 31 May 2012
As part of our 45th anniversary class reunion, a campaign has been launched to establish 10 stars on the “Wall of Stars” Fundraising Scheme to rebuild our school hall.  Each ‘Star’ involves a donation of HK$10,000.00.  Details of the fundraising can be found at http://www.wahyan-psa.org/sdp (where you can see donations already made by some of our classmates.)
Nicholas LAI appeals to all Classmates '67 to make a joint effort to donate. Only HK$909/share. On or before 31 May 2012 please! (Download Appeal Letter)
Register and pay through our treasurer Stephen SIU Chi Fung please.
  Michael SZETO, undisputed best student of our class from P.5 through Lower 6, made his first appearance at our monthly luncheon today, 4 May 2012! It was great to see Michael still wearing that same gentle smile, speaking ever so softly and changing so little since we saw him 45 years ago.
"I will be returning to Hong Kong more frequently to visit my parents now that I am retired. Please do expect me to join your gatherings in future," says Michael.
  Richard KWOK (Sir) and wife Bonnie, Dick LAU, Francis NG (a.k.a. White Shoe Boy) and wife Elsie had a good night out in Shanhai on 22 April 2012. Richard and Francis are visiting Dick from Toronto.

Riding into town soon from Downunder for the Big Reunion, they call themselves The Magnificent Bald Trio 風塵「禿鷹三俠」 ....... and if you can't figure who they are, ask Ball Chai

Nick LAI reports: Further to my recent trip to Sydney, Australia, I was in LA last week attending a conference and had dim sum with the five Wah Yan boys. It was especially special meeting seeing Mok HO, Abe and Felix after 45 years. I attended Mike NGAN's church before our lunch. Mike is their choir director.
I am glad to report that all five of the LA Wah Yan boys plan on attending our 45th Reunion in Hong Kong. In fact three of them have already booked their flights. I will certainly encourage our BC-9 to join the reunion as well.

Nick and Jammie LAI visited Gerald and Kitty WAN in Sydney, Australia earlier this month (March 2012). Nick will also be making a business trip to L.A. in April and plan to look up some of our classmates there.

8 March 2012 Class 67 monthly luncheon at the Police Officers Club in Causeway Bay. A very interesting bunch from all parts of the World and all classes, A to D. Can you work out who is who?

More action from the BC-9. This was taken at the Wah Yan Alumni Vancouver Chapter AGM Dinner on 20 February 2012. From left: Joseph and Sheila HUI, Cecil and Angela FUNG, Gilbert and Gladys TAN.

The BC-9 met on 1 7th February 2012. They call themselves the BC-9. Do you know which 9?

Ah Mou would like to share photos taken during his recent visits to Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia (in January 2012). See if you can recognize all our buddies Mok Ho, Abe Chang, Felix, Ngan Liu & Sang Jig in L.A. and Adrain Lai Ka Tsun and Gerald Wan in Sydney! (Web album here)

Eric CHAN (Ah Ying) sent in this photo of Class 67 monthly luncheon at PCO, Causeway Bay on 2011.11.29. No caption was received but it appears that first timers and visitors at the monthly event included Daniel KO Kwok Keung, Roger MA Kwong Chu and Joseph HUI Kam Chung.

Vincent Li Hoi Yuen represents Hong Kong in the Senior Bowl of the 40th World Team Championships Veldhoven, The Netherlands 15-29 October 2011. This is the first time in 20 years for the Hong Kong team to qualify. Give Vincent moral support and pray for our Hong Kong team. You can go to www.worldbridge.org and get the daily result starting from Oct 16.
Vincent we are proud of you!
  Over thirty of us attended a fantastic party hosted by Ah Mou at the Conrad Hotel to-night (12 Oct 2011). Making their first appearances at our class functions were Roger K.C. Ma (far left) and Felix Leung W.H. Leung (3rd from right).
View web album compiled by Ah Mou.
   Click on any content in this box to view Ah Mou's web album on our classmates' recent visits to New York....no, Rupert Jee is not a Wahyanite, neither is David Letterman.
  Click for web album "I believe Edmund had told that he went on a cruise to northern Europe in May togerther with Dick, James, Steve, Toman, myself and our spouses/partner. We had a wonderful time together. Please find some photos we took during the trip for your uploading onto the Class67 website," - Mario Lee.
Click here for web ablum.
  Congratulations to Stephanie, daughter of Steve Chan (細路仔)!
Stephanie just graduated from UC Berkeley, Political Science. Pictured with Stephanie at the graduation ceremony on May 16th 2011: mohter Ella, brother Preston and dad Steve who, dispite of the serious look on his face (induced by the foul weather one would assume), is extremely happy in his heart. "We made it, finally!" he wrote.
  Francis Lee and Nick Tsui conducted a sharing session under the topic "Drama in the '60s" at the "Impressions.School Hall" event on Easter Sunday in WYHK. Email messages from the class of 67 were read out to the audience.... see more here.
  An early Kung Hei Fat Choy from Paul & Genevieve Chan, Chu Sau Yee & Teresa Chu, Edmund Cheung, Mario Lee, Dick Lau and Ronald Law who were having lunch on 2011.01.27.
  Ah Mou has created these Picasa web albums of recent visits by, from left to right, Dominic Ho (Chan Chan), Eric Chan (Ah Yin), Andrew Lau and Remus Tsang (White Rabbit).
<<< Just click on the thumbnails on the left to view the albums.
  Paul Eng flew in from Hawaii to have New Year's Day lunch with our buddies in L.A. Mok Ho, Abe Chang Man, Felix Leung and Vincent Lee.
  We were honoured to have our teacher Richard Kwok to join our monthly lunch on 23.12.2010 with his wife Bonnie and son Cavin who were visiting Hong Kong from Toronto.
The event was rather international counting Ah B from Edmonton, Jig and his wife Jane from L.A. and Ballchai from Shenzhen and was warm with the spirit of Christmas bonding friendships decades old.
  Annual Ball, Wah Yan College Alumni Vancouver Chapter, 20/11/2010
The great looking couple on the left: Robert Lo 盧獅 and Theresa Lo.
Picture on the right: Robert Lo, Cecil Fung (Ball Chairman), Joseph Hui and Gilbert Tan.
.... more pictures here.
  A few of us paid our last tribute to Ball Chai's mother today (29 Oct 2010) at the funeral home and expressed our condolences to the Lam family. At the request of some of our classmates, Edmund Cheung arranged a wreath on behalf of the Class 67. It was decided that the expenses of the wreath be taken care of by the surplus fund of our 40th Anniversary Reunion safely held on our behalf by Stephen Siu.
  D-Lo (Albert Li Kwok Chuen) received a warm welcome from our Vancouver boys. Dinning at the Red Star Restaurant on 22nd Oct were (L-R) Joseph & Sheila Hui, Mike Cheung, Cecil Fung, Gilbert Tan, Robert Lo See, John Lam Wan Fung, Nicholas Lai, D-Lo, Selina Li and Ivy Cheung.

  A big crowd turned out to have a good time lunching with Andrew Lau (Vancouver) and Abe Chang (L.A.). "I am deeply honoured by the large number of classmates attending despite of the typhoon signal no. 3 in anticipation of one the strongest typhoons in decades," says Andrew. "This is what I call the die-hard Wah Yan spirit!," he added. 2010.10.22
More F.5 photos from Abe Chang's treasure box.
  Toronto Class 67 welcomed Abe Chang Man, who dined with us amidst his busy conference schedule ( Joe Shum, Eric Chan, Abe Chang, Paul Chan and David Lok). Glad to be reconnected after 43 years. - Paul Chan Ka Bun 2010.09.15

Precious Form 5C photos sent in by Abe Chang Man...
What a jolly bunch!
Can you recognize all those faces?

  Class 67 presence at Wah Yan International Conference in L.A.
(L to R) Abe Chang, Felix Leung, Alfred Wu and
(R to L) Mike Ngan, Vincent Lee and Cecil Fung.
In the middle: Fung Sir (Fung Kam Seng a.k.a. Ah Char) and Yu Sir (Yu Pui Lam a.k.a. Chau-chau).
Yes, the youngest looking one in the group is good old Chau-chau!
  Nick Lai Oi Man, his wife Jamie and son Joshua attracted a big crowd today at our monthly lunch at the Police Officers' Club in Causeway Bay. Making his first appearance was also Chu Shau Yee who promised to show up more often from now on. Chu is a solicitor who busy himself in conveyancing. Sitting next to Joshua (Nick Lai's son) is Brian (Nick Tsui's son) who, both being from Vancouver, have known each other for a few years. We also had the honour of having Peter Kan, one year our senior, as our guest. Peter is a renowned photographer and graphic designer. 2010.08.18
In July 2010, Andrew Lau Chee Shun came with his wife Julia, son Justin & mother-in-law to visit Ah Miu in NY/NJ. Remus (White Rabbit) came just 2 weeks earlier.
  Over 50 Wahyanites and family members attended the Tree Planting ceremony at Vanier Park, Vancouver to mark its 20th Anniversary on 17th July 2010. Our Class 67 was strongly represented by Cecil Fung, Joseph Hui, Nicholas Lai plus Eugene visiting from Edmonton and Ballchai Hong Kong. View full web album here.
  Edmund Cheung (seated left) and Patrick Lam (Ball Chai) rounded up our Californian brothers for dinner at the PV Palace Seafood Restaurant, Lomita, Ca., on 26 June 2010.
'New' faces in the picture are those of Abe Chang Man 鄭文 and his wife Lucy seated in the middle, Felix 梁永亨and Anna Leung. Mike Ngan is seen standing with Jeannie on the right and Vincent and Jane Lee are standing left of Ball Chai.
Mike wrote afterwards: "Jeannie and I had a wonderful time.  Thanks Ballchai for an excellent restaurant recommendation. The food was surprisingly great given the place's location.  We literally lost track of time. Had we stayed much longer, I am sure the restaurant manager will not hesitate to give us the proverbial "time to get your butts out of here" signal. We should definitely get together more often." 
  Nick Tsui caught Gilbert Tan Sze Yiu in Hong Kong enroute to the Expo in Shanghai with wife Gladys, sons Derrick and Mike and daughter in law Hide. We had a nice lunch in Stanley (believe it or not, Gil had never been to Stanley all his life) and spent some time back in Wah Yan where the second picture was taken. (2010.06.13)
  more photos Stephen Siu Father of the Bride. A report by Nicholas Lai - Vancouver:
"Long time no talk. Attached are pictures taken the last few days during Stephen's daughter's wedding. It was a joyous occasion. Other than the wedding, a few of us met at my house for an evening of chatting and Night Congee on Sunday (til 2 a.m.) - with special permission from our wives of course. Numerous topics were discussed including a detail encounter Edmund had with a female nurse during one of his medical procedures - facinating ! Ah Mou and Andrew visited Nicholas at his office the next day to talk about city planning and real estate investment in general." ....more photos here. (2010.06.09)
  Mou Kwok Lai stormed into town and threw a big party for us at the Conrad Hotel on 24 May 2010. 26 of us showed up and had a great time watching slide shows courtesy of Gerald Wan who visited Louis in New York after the Reunion in Canada (Great shots Gerald!). Ah Mou also did his best to refresh our memory on the images (mostly of barber shops and restaurants in NY) and songs from his own precious archieve. Gregory Lam Dai Bun provided first class entertainment and sent us laughing with tears doing his gags as the cool-face stand-up comedian without actually standing up. Conrad Hotel's food, wine and service was, needless to say, excellently as usual. We left close to midnight looking forward to next year's gathering.
Ah Mou, Caroline and Erin went to Shanghai on 26th to see the Expo and our good old Dick Lau, of course. View WEB ALBUM here.
Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge Top: Lunch in honour of Vincent Lee Wo Sang (L.A.) who is in town to see his mother and Eric Chan (Toronto), who went sight-seeing in Hainan Island with his wife, was held on 13 April 2010 at the Police Officers' Club in Wanchai.

Left: Joseph Hui Kam Chung made a special de-tour to join us for lunch in HK on 7 April 2010 while on a business trip to various cities in China. He flew back to Vancouver the following day. The lunch at the Disciplined Services Sports & Recreation Club in Causeway Bay was organized in honour of Eric Chan visiting us from Toronto.

  Web Album On easter monday, Kitty and I went with Paul and Genevieve to Canberra for the Masterpieces from Paris art exhibition in National Gallery of Australia. Lai Ka Tsun and Rowena are enjoying a cruise in the Mediterranean and so didn't join us.
- Gerald Wan - 2010.04.05
  Lunch meeting at the Jade Restaurant, Tsing Yi Island, on 5 March 2010. Seated 3rd from left is Gerald Wan, our guest of honour from Sydney, Australia.

Enlarge Left photo: First photo of the new 2010 year from Gerald Wan who had dinner with Lai Ka Tsun and Eugene Chok (visiting his mother) in Sydney, Australia.

Right photo: "I thoroughly enjoyed spending 6 hours with Eugene today touring Taronga Zoo and having afternoon tea at Mosman, near his mother's residence. Eugene will be flying home early tomorrow morning on a punishing 33-hour journey," reports Gerald on 7th January 2010.

  Enlarge Lunch in hounour of Eugene Chok was held in the Police Officers Club in Causeway Bay today, Christmas Eve of 2009. Standing from left to right in the picture: Dominic Kam, Foo Cheung Ming (younger brother of the late Foo Cheung Yu), Greg Lam, Steve Siu, Dick Lau, Mario Lee, Peter Lam, Alfred Chow and Nick Tsui. In the front: Law Wing Keung, Edmund Cheung, Francis Lee, Peter Lau and Eugene Chok.
  We had a good time lunching with Mr. Richard Kwok, our Form One C teacher, in the Salisbury Room, YMCA, Tsim Sha Tsui, today 22nd December 2009. Thanks to Francis Ng who helped us to reconnect with Mr. Kwok who tried his best to sum up what he had been doing since he parted with Wah Yan over four decades ago. Since we were all photography enthusists, after lunch we all trotted down to the camera shops in Kimberley Road to accompany Mr. Kwok to shop for lens filters. All in all, we had a good time. Click on thumbnail picture to enlarge it.

Click here to download eulogy by Eugene Chok, programme booklet and photos of Joe Lung's memorial service.

A short memorial and burial service will be held on Friday January 29, 2010 at 11AM. It will be held at the Sunset View Mortuary and Cemetary, 101 Colusa Ave, El Cerrito, CA....more

View Web Album

  Class 67 representatives at the Wah Yan 90th Anniversary Gratitude Dinner held on 13 Dec 2009.
  Obituary: Our beloved Joe Lung passed away in hospital this morning 18 Nov 2009 ...more
  I am pleased to share with you the good news that Maria Lung (Joe Lung's better half) has won one of the Areas of Excellence (AoE) awards for HKU. The research grant is worth HK$80M. Maria is the Chair Professor of the Department of Clinical Oncology, Faculty of Medicine.
  Obituary: With deep sorrow, we announce the sad news of the passing away of our dearest classmate Albert Wu 伍威權....more
Vancouver Welcome Kit
Toronto Welcome Kit
Photo Album by Paul Eng (a.k.a. Ah Fook)
U-tube video clips by Paul:
1.Dinner at Nick Lai's 10 Sep 2009
2.Dinner at Nick Lai's 10 Sep 2009
3.Sep 11 Vancouver Night Market-Ah Mou making waffles
4.Sep 12 Vancouver Welcome Dinner
5.Sep 12 Vancouver Welcome Dinner
6.Sep 12 Vancouver Welcome Dinner
7.Sep 12 Vancouver Welcome Dinner
8.Sep 12 Vancouver Welcome Dinner
Burchart Garden and Victoria tours Photo Album by Gerald Wan
Welcome Dinner Sat. September 12, 2009 英記海鮮火堝酒家....View Photo Album
The first photo of the Reunion was sent in by Gilbert Tan on September 8, 2009... it's happenning!


2009 Reunion Vancouver OC Meeting
Our Vancouver brothers held a useful meeting on 31st May. Discussions were focused on programme details, effects of Hong Kong's reaction to H1N1 and the needs to register early, among others. The following classmates were contacted by phone during the meeting to invite them to the reunion:


Mini Reunion - Gerald WAN visits Ah Mou in New York- September 2009

View web album

  EnlargeEnlarge Some of us have grown up beyond recognition since we were 細路仔 (Sai Lo Chai). Your chances of recognizing this guy (pictured here with his family) in the street is close to zero. That's why Cecil Fung has requested to post these photos here for the benefit all in case he should show up at our reunion. If you still have trouble identifying him, he is Stephen CHAN Kai-fong.... better known as Steve the Inventor nowadays. (2009.09.09)
  Paul Chan sent in these photos of George and Amy Chok's visit to Toronto with their two sons. Jerry Cheng, Ku Po Kong and Paul had a great meal with them in a Chinese restaurant on 4 Aug 2009.

Dear all,
We just had our monthly gathering. It was another enjoyable event as usual. The gathering in June is set to take place on June 25, Thursday. The venue will be changed to Ma Wan, the island which houses Ball Chai.  He highly recommends a sea food place on the island. According to Ball Chai, this joint offers superb food quality at an unbelievably low price. For those who want to join, the meeting place is Ma Wan ferry pier right across IFC and the meeting time is 11:50am. The ferry ride will last for about 20 minutes. For those who miss the noon ferry, take the next ferry. We'll wait for you at the other end.
Please comment on postponing the reunion and let me know if you want to attend the next lunch meeting in Ma Wan.
Have a nice weekend.
Lam Chai (2009.05.30)


Who in our class made it to the top in the Police Force?

Go out and buy the latest East Weekly 東周刊 296期 (2009.04.09) and turn to page 58....or click on this picture.


Paul Chan in Australia
Dr. & Rowena Lai and Gerald Wan had lunch today with Paul & Genevieve at Canterbury Leagues Club, Belmore. Mr. & Mrs. Chan were kind enough to foot the bill.  Paul the super salesman gave them ample advice on how to maximise their September trip to Canada.  This photo was taken after lunch in the backyard of the Adrian Lai Ka Tsun's residence at Strathfield. (2009.05.03)


Register NOW!
Click here to download Programme & Registration Form immediately.


Download NewsletterReunion dates now official: Sep 12-15 (Vancouver) and Sep 16-20 (Toronto)
Eric Chan Yin Wing and his wife Peggy flown into Hong Kong from Toronto to announce the date of the 2009 Canadian Reunion and, on behalf of the '67 boys in Canada, invited all classmates to participate in the exciting event. Eric met with Mario Lee, Wun Kam Hoi, Edmund Cheung, To Man Kuen and Nick Tsui on 15th March and also saw Alfred Chow, Peter Lam, Gregory Lam, Peter Tam Fat, Joe Lung over lunch on the following day when they were honoured by the presence of Rosita, sister of the late Stephen Leung Cheung Hung who, during our 2007 reunion in Hong Kong, was one of the first to initiate the idea of hosting the next reunion in Canada. Full details of the Programme and Booking Arrangements will be announced next month.


Once in a life time chance to meet up with our school buddies from all over Canada, the U.S. and beyond.  We are not getting any younger – seize the opportunity!!
Click here for the first Reunion Newsletter

Long time no see.  I am looking forward to get together with you guys again.
Lots of things to catch up on.  I have been living in Hawaii since 73, doing accounting at an oil refinery for the last 30 years.  Retirement could be any day now. No firm date yet.  
In planning the reunion trip, I am thinking of arriving Thursday (10th) morning. So there is a couple of  free day. Any suggestions as to what I can do around your area Thur, Fri & Sat?
Since My wife and I have never visited Canada before, any ideas would be appreciated.  
For those who like to just talk on the phone instead, let me know what is a good time on the weekend that I can call and chat.  
Paul Eng (Ng Fook Ming, Ah fook) 808-392-7654.
(April 25 2009)

  Nicholas Lai Oi Man and Andrew Lau Chee Shun, Class 67 09-Reunion organising committee members from Vancouver met with the Hong Kong boys at the Police Officers' Club in Causeway Bay on 10th Jan 2009 to brief them on the progress of the organising of the reunion. Clement Leung Kin Cho from the Bay Area pleasantly surprised everyone with his last minute appearance.
Seated L to R: Lai Oi Man, Edmund Cheung, Joe Lung, Clement Leung and Law Wing Keung.
Standing L to R: Patrick Lam, Francis Lee Wan Tsi, Nick Tsui, Vincent Li Hoi Yuen, Lam Kwai Bun, Peter Lam Kin Seng and Andrew Lau Chee Shun.

Ah B (Eugene Chok) is in town with his son Dustin for a brief visit before flying down to Australia to spend Christmas with his Mom. Dai Bun (Lam Kwai Bun) is kind enough to be their official escort and limo driver most of the time. But in the evening of 21st December 2008, Nick Tsui takes Eugene to the Hong Kong Brands & Product Expo (工展會) at Victoria Park. The venue is only a short tram ride away from Eugene's hotel in Wanchai. Sampling exotic food and drinks seems to be the thing to do there and, as shown in the photograph, we find ourselves drinking up potent drinks offered by a Miss Expo (工展小姐), the young thing in funny costume. After visiting the Expo, we stroll down to North Point for dinner. Fish soup and vegetables are ordered to keep the menu light and healthy, the way Ah B likes it.

Yum Cha at CRC w/ everybodyThe next day, 22nd December, is get-together day with the Class 67 gang. The yum cha place in the photo is the Chinese Recreation Club in Tai Hang. Pictured seated L to R: Lam Chai, Mui Lam, Ball Chai, Law Wing Keung and Li Hoi Yuen; Standing: Nick Tsui, Chow Chai, Dai Bun, Ah Bill (Ball Chai's brother), Ah B and son Dustin. Eugene's brother Joe Joe is the cameraman. And the conversation, the good old days, of course.

Tram ride in Causeway BayHK Product Expo in Victoria Park People everywhere
Sampling Potent Drink A two shot Dinner w/ Anna in North Point
Ronald Law's son Arthur, Siu Chu's daughter Candice & her boyfriend Brian met up with us in New York's Little Italy on Sunday for lunch. The topic of our discussion was the 2009 reunion which currently includes Vancouver and Toronto.  Given the state of economy in New York City right now, we all decided that if all the '67 classmates include New York city in their itinerary, it will definitely give a much needed boost to the city's economy.  Please give it some serious thought.
Ah Miu (2008.12.22)
Gerald Wan took some great pictures while visiting Hong Kong and Japan earlier this year. Click on the icons on the right to take a peek at his web albums and discover how gentle Gerald created beauty and poetry in everything he saw and everyone he encountered. Thanks Jello!
Hong Kong Japan    
Gregory Lam Kwai Bun, a.k.a. Dai Bun, was caught enjoying afternoon tea last Saturday at Jockey Club's Happy Valley Clubhouse.
Upon investigation, he was found baby-sitting his 2-year-old grand-daughter... yes, we have reached that age!
Click on his picture to englarge and see the lovely grand-daughter.

Michael Yeung Sze Chuen a.k.a Dean Chai paid a rare visit to Hong Kong and a lunch was organized by the local buddies to welcome him. The good turn out for the dim sum meal included Vincent Li Hoi Yuen, Joseph Sham Chung Ming, Alfred Chow Wing Hon, Joseph Lung Sut Cho, Peter Lam Kin Seng, Francis Lee Wan Tzi, Edward Woo Sin Wai, Nick Tsui Pui Chuen, Peter Tam Fat, Dick Lau Dick Kwong, Mario Lee Mui Lam and Patrick Lam Hong Kee.

Michael gave a brief account of his doings since he left Wah Yan and everybody listened with intense interest. When asked whether he would attend the 2009 Big Reunion in Canada, his answer was "most likely". (2008.11.28)

Hi everybody,
Thank you for the lunch at the Shatin Jockey Club. It was very nice to see all of you after 40 long years. My apology goes to those of you whose faces or names I have forgotten. Seeing the much higher standard of living in H.K. now than 40 years ago makes me want to go back to H.K. more often. Looking forward to the next reunion in North America.
Michael Yeung (Dean Chai) (01 December 2008)


2009 Reunion in Canada (Vancouver & Toronto)
By popular demand, a big reunion will be held in September in Vancouver and Totonto. Exact dates and programmes are currently being planned by the Joint Organizing Committee made up of our buddies in Vancouver and Toronto.

Wanted: Name/Slogan of Event. The Vancouver Organizing Committee of Class 67's 2009 Big Reunion in Canada met at Nick Lai Oi Man's home in Vancouver on 25th October 2008. Cecil Fung, being the only real professional event planner present, was elected Chairman. Nick Lai was voted Secretary (and Head Chef). Andrew Lau was appointed Graphic Designer and was immediately given the assignment of designing the event logo. He handed in a superb looking logo the following day. (see maple leave logo on the left). The name/slogan you see are yet to be finalized. YOU are asked to send in your ideas for Name/Slogan to the Chairman by email. View Photo Album of the working meeting here.

The Toronto Organizing Committee will be led by Paul Chan Ka Bun and Mathew San. They have already submitted tour options they recommend.

Further news concerning the reunion will be posted to this page. Please come back to check it out. (2008.10.28)


Afternoon tea photo taken on 25 Oct Saturday 2008 at Gerald Wan's residence in New South Wales, Australia. R. to L.: Paul Chan Ka Bun, Rowena Lai, Kitty Wan, Gerald Wan, Dr. Ka Tsun Lai & Genevieve Chan.





Hi AlL:

I want to thank you again for the gathering in Toronto and the lovely dinner.  It was very special for me to see all of you in one room after over 40 long years.  May our friendship continue to grow as a result of this reconnection.  I also enjoyed meeting with Isabella and your respective spouses. Georgina and I used to attend the U of Alberta in the early '70s !!  I just wished to have more individual time with each of you to renew our friendship.  Hopefully we will have that opportunity again in September 2009 in Vancouver. 

Anyway, I will be discussing the suggested N. America Reunion with the Wah Yan '67ers in Vancouver to be held some time in september 2009.  Let me know your ideas and possible assistance from your end.  Francis White Shoe Boy, please forward me the name of the hotel.

Attached are the photos I took at the dinner. 

Nicholas Lai Oi Man



Sep 25, 2008
We are back at Mario's Japanese restaurant, this time with Paul Chan Ka Bun briefing us on the initial plan for the Class 67's 2009 Big Reunion to be held in both Vancouver and Toronto. (Full details of plan to be announced later). Paul Chan and Matthew San are both working hard on the Eastern front in Toronto while Nicholas Lai Oi Man and Cecil Fung are doing likewise on the West Coast in Vancouver. The four will soon agree on an exact date and the programme details... so for the time being we will have to be contented with more warming up wine and dine meetings.
Standing L to R: Paul Chan, Gabriel Tong, Stphen Siu, Edmund Cheung, Nick Tsui and Ball Chai. Seated 4th from left: James Chan Pak Ling, Mario Lee and Gregory Lam Kwai Bun. Others in the picture include various wives, girl friends and sisters.


Sep 05, 2008
A great dinner made even better by the presence of Joe and Maria Lung at Mario's Japanese restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. The 67-ers from L to R: Mario Lee, Stephen Siu, Vincent Li Hoi Yuen, Joe Lung, Nick Tsui and Edmund Cheung.


July 23, 2008
Patrick Lam Hon Kay, aka 波仔, went visiting in Vancovuer. Nicholas Lai Oi Man, Mike Cheung Chee Kee, Cecil Fung Chi Chung, Lee Pui Kee and Gilbert Tan Sze Yiu took 波仔on at dinner. Much reminiscing and lively conversation were had by all. It was a wonderful head banging session.


July 8, 2008 Hong Kong
Our webmaster Cecil Fung took time off to play a game of Ping Pong at the Disciplined Services Sports & Recreation Club in Causeway Bay with Mario Lee Mui Lam, a.k.a. King of All Sports. According to Mario, Cecil played an excellent game, considering his not having played for decades. We all know that Cecil was swimming champion during our Wah Yan days. However, his disclosure that he was also part of the school's Ping Pong Team admittedly came as a surprise that has yet to be verified by Peter Lam or their coach Atomic Dust.


July 6, 2008 Vancouver
George Chok and wife Amy went to Vancouver and shared a Kodak moment with Gladys and Gil Tan, Jamie and Nicholas Lai and Teresa and Robert Lo. A meeting with his future son-in-law pre-empted Mike Cheung from attending. George regaled the group with stories, particularly the psychological scarring that was firectly attributed to ballchai. Apparently George got an earful from ballchai when he forgot to bring the competition papers and the pair were thus disqualified from representing Wah Yan at in Inter-School Badminton Tournament.




June 27, 2008 Hong Kong
Mou Kwok-lai stormed into town from New York and threw a big party for his classmates and their families in the Hennessy Room of the Corad Hotel on June 27. A head count of the group photo shows that as many as 33 of us attended. The food and wine were great but were no match with the great company in the form of Franics & Lilian Lee Wan Tsi , Nick and Anna Tsui, Wun Kam Hoi and Mrs. Wun, James & Dorothy Yeung Kit Choi, Peter Lam Kin Sang, Dick & Angela Lau, Ralph Ng Chan Fai & daughter Denise, Mario & Landa Lee Miu Lam, Peter Lau Chiu Yin, David Man Wing Ki, Edmund Cheung Tze Yong, Patrick Cheung Wai Sun, Stephen & Maureen Siu Chi Fung, Ronald & Cecilia Law Wing Keung, James Chan Pak Ling & Stella, Joseph Sham Chung Ming, Peter Tam Fat, Vincent Li Hoi Yuen, Albert & Selina Li Kwok Chuen, and, of course, Ah Mou & Carolyn with their daughter Erin.



April 25, 2008
Obituary: Francis TONG Man Kan 唐敏勤 passed away on April 25, 2008. May his soul rest in peace ....more


March 15, 2008
Nicholas Lai from Vancouver visited Sydney, Australia and connected with Gerald Wan and Lai Ka Tsun again. Lo and behold, a Black Boy showed up and identified himself as David Ng Ting Pong. Pictured far right are Nicholas and Jamie Lai, David Ng Ting Pong, Kitty and Gerald Wan and Rowena and Ka Tsun Lai.
Pictured right are the boys checking on Nicholas' laptop via Qantas website on the best flights to Vancouver for the next reunion. Both Gerald and Ka Tsun promised that they will go to Vancouver.

March 2, 2008
Edmund Cheung flew to Vancouver to visit his two aunts. He wanted to visit with his 5C mates, some of whim he has not had contact in over four decades. The usual suspects were rounded up and a grand old time was had by all, 5C or not.
The obligatory photographic evidence, presented here electronically for posterity, shows Andrew Lau 劉梓洵, Cecil Fung 馮治中, Edmund Cheung 章子融, Mike Cheung 張子棋, Nicholas Lai 黎愛民 and Gilbert Tan 陳士堯.
Low Cheung


Obituary: We are much saddened by the news of the passing away of Jeannie Cheung, beloved wife of Edmund Cheung, in L.A. on 7th February 2008.



Obituary: We are deeply saddened by the news of the sudden passing away of our dearest classmate Stephen Leung Cheung Hung, in Toronto, on 8th February 2008..... more


January 28, 2008
A gathering of Wah Yan boys took place at Dr. Lai Ka Tsun's home. Being the consumate perfectionist, KT prepared and presented the meal in a most professional fashion. Also present were Dr. and Mrs. Peter Leung, who acquired a daughter-in-law recently.
In his efforts to beat the camera timer, our intrepid photographer Gerald Wan lost his shoes and socks and nearly wiped out.



January 26, 2008
Brother Paul Chan organized a meeting of the Toronto brothers. It was a gathering in which discussions to the hosting of the next reunion was initiated. Francis Ng 吳民卿, Stephen Leung 梁祥鴻, David Lok 陸國楷, Ku Po Kong 顧寶剛, Paul Chan 陳家彬, Remus Tsang 曾兆麟, Joe Shum 岑衍祖, Matthew San 辛秉耀 and Jerry Cheng 鄭曉松 attended.

With WivesHere's a picture with the ladies.

View Web Album LawWingDrink
January 21, 2008
Ronald Law arrived at New York City to visit his son Arthur. While waiting for Arthur, the barber came back from his lunch with a plastic bag full of take out food. A conversation was struck up and after about 15 minutes, Ronald realized that the barber is no barber. He is Ah Mou, the Roving Ambassador. Schedules were made up to meet later to share a couple of drinks and some tall tales.

January 12, 2008 - Sydney, Australia
Gerald Wan ran into Dr. Lai Ka Tsun at the wedding reception of Dr. Peter Leung's son at the Marigold Restaurant in Sydney. Also present was Dr. Antony Yan, a Wah Yan Kowloon 67 graduate. All three doctors graduated from HKU in the same year as Dr. Joseph Sham, Dr. Philip Wong, Dr. Francis Lee, Dr. Lee Pui Kee, Dr. David Man, Dr. Cheng Sai Cheong and the late Ho Ho Cheung.
Dr. Felix Leung Wing Hang, another HK67 went to medical school in the US and is practising in L.A. Dr. Dominic Ho Kam Yin, another classmate, practises in San Mateo, California.

View Web Album SaiLoChai
January 3, 2008.
The Mou family went visiting to the San Francisco Bay Area and met up with Steve Chan Kai Fong, affectionately known as SaiLo Chai. Steve is no longer SaiLo, as he will retire from a major energy multinational in 5 years.
Of course, a meal was shared between the two families. Pictured to the right are the Mous and Chans. From right to left are: Ah Mou, Carolyn, Erin, Stephanie, Ella, Steve Junior and Steve.

December 29, 2007
Alex Seng, the Mountain Boar visited with the gang in Vancouver. Being a wonderful storyteller with an unparalleled memory, as an after dinner story, 山豬 described in detail a surgical procedure he went trhough in university that was performed on baby boys. Much laughter and good food were shared by all.

December 2007
Long lost brother Eugene Chok came visitng to HK. President Nick rounded up Lung Chai and Lam Chai and hosted a sumptuous lunch for Ah B and entourage.
Note that the caption to the left photo is correct. Eugene is in the middle and Dustin is in the checkered shirt and not the other way around!

40th Anniversary Reunion We celebrated the 40th Anniversary of our graduation with a 4-Day Reunion held in Hong Kong from 6th to 9th November 2007.
(View records of the Full Programme and the list of Registered Participants)

Click links below to watch video on YouTube:

  Enlarge photo Local Tour video         Enlarge photo China Tour video

Enlarge photo Speech Day video         Patrick Lam's description Lamma Tour video

Enlarge photo Gala Dinner video

(High resolution DVDs of the above are available. Please contact Nick Tsui should you wish to receive a set.)

More photos:      
Enlarge photo


Group photo of
& our Mrs.

Web Album


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Gerald Wan's
Web Album
of all the events.


August 10, 2007 Vancouver Canada
Anna and Nick Tsui made their annual pilgrimage to visit with Brian in Vancouver. Caught in action enjoying the company and generosity of the Tsui's were Nicholas Lai, Robert Lo, Cecil Fung, Nick Tsui, Brian Tsui, Mike Cheung and Gilbert Tan. Seated were the bosses, l - r, Theresa Lo, Angela Lam, Anna Tsui, Gladys Tan.



May 24, 2007 Toronto, Canada
Ah Mou drove from New Jersey to Toronto on a secret mission commissioned by Nick Tsui. A bunch of Brothers met him in the Wanchai Section of Toronto and participated with gusto in eating, drinking, joking and reminiscing. The topic of the 40th Anniversary arose and interest in participation was whipped into a frenzy.

Group BarberGroup Dinner
Group Pawn

Pictured above left are Jerry 鄭曉松, Matthew 辛秉耀, Stephen 梁祥鴻, Joe 岑衍祖, Paul 陳家彬, David 陸國楷, Francis 吳民卿 and Louis 繆國禮.
Pictured above right are C.F. 孫掁輝 hiding behind Joe and Remus 曾兆麟 on the right in white.

After dinner, Ah Mou produced a contract for the impending 40th Reunion trip to HK, in the hopes of getting everyone to sign and commit. So far as commitment goes, everyone whipped out their PDA's and proceeded to mark the dates down. Promises were made by all that an all out effort will be applied to make it.
Sydney WivesSydney Boys

May 23, 2007 Sydney, Australia
Nicholas and Jamie Lai of Vancouver, Canada visited Sydney, Australia, where they met up with long lost friends Gerald and Kitty Wan together with Dr. Ka Tsun and Rowena Lai. Dinner conversation at the Crystal Palace included the strong possibility of an Australian contingent at the 40th Reunion in November in Hong Kong.


May 09, 2007
Paul Chan Ka Bun and his lovely wife Genevieve visited the boyz in Vancouver. A wonderful time was had by all over a sumptious dinner. Conversation was lively and Mike was most amusing.
Pictured on the right are Gilbert Tan, Angela & Cecil Fung, John Lam, Andrew Lau, Lee Pui Kee, Paul & Genevieve Chan, Mike Cheung and Nicholas Lai.

KaBun 2KaBun 1  



May 04 2007
Ah Mou visited Toronto and met up with Ku Po Kong, David Lok, Remus Tsang and Stephen Leung. Stephen picked an out door restaurant named Big MOUth in the Wanchai section of Toronto. Note the background storefronts and signs of businesses. Ah Mou talked about our 40th Reunion in November 2007 and asked people to join in the celebration in HK. After the boys only dinner, the boyz had their hair trimmed at the Shanghai barber shop. As is evident in the picture lower left, constantly practising the teachings of Fr. Daley, the boyz turned their backs to the place with the yellow sign.




May 06, 2007
We find Ah Mou the Ambassador back in Big MOUth. This time, he hooked up with Stephen Leung and Matthew San. The subject of after dinner entertainment came up, during and after dinner of course. The trio finally decided to visit a tea parlour and continue into the night drinking bubble tea.





Some time in the Autumn of 2006, Paul Chan Ka Bun made his usual trek to Sydney, Australia to visit family. This trip was special when he hooked up with our long lost classmate Dr. Lai Ka Tsun. Pictured here is evidence of the encounter. Of course, a meal and good times was had by the two boys. See the smiles on their faces!


Sydney 2Sydney 1


You are not alone if you find Hong Kong's youngsters behaving rudely or holding a misguided sense of values in recent years. Rev. Fr. Deignan thought about that too and he decided to do something about it by setting up the Hong Kong International Institute of Educational Leadership (HKIIEL) to promote and develop basic human values.

With 2007 being our 40th graduation anniversary and Wah Yan still very much in our hearts, a group led by Nick Tsui put together a donation to help HKIIEL put on a variety show. The show was held at the St. Peter's Secondary School on 27 January. You may be interested to know that St. Peter's headmaster happens to be our classmate Peter Lau Chiu Yin.
V-Show Representing Class 67 were Ball chai and Vincent Li Hoi Yuen who went on stage while Wun Kam Hoi was in backstage coaching his 國際經典文化協會 team of 3 little girls and a boy to recite 朱子治家格言 as guest performers. Click on the link on the left for a video of the V-Show (32Mb Download) taken by Nick Tsui.



From: Father Deignan
To: Nick Tsui
Sent: Monday, January 08, 2007 8:56 PM
Subject: Greetings and gratitude

Dear Nick,
You have done a wonderful job getting your classmates to support our V-Shows and I thank you and them for their very generous donations which have come in at such short notice. They are really helping our efforts to make young people and teachers more aware of the importance of basic human values in our relationships. I am sure the V-Shows will bear fruit, especially in the joyful participation of the children and parents.

With prayers and gratitude,
Alfred J. Deignan S.J.




Law Wing


After El Lay, Ronald flew to Seattle and caught a ride up to Vancouver, with the sole purpose of meeting up with the boys. Rounded up were Lee Pui Kee, Nicholas Lai Oi Man, Joseph Hui Kam Chung, John Lam Wan Fung, Gilbert Tan Sze Yiu and Cecil Fung Chi Chung for dinner.
After dinner, he caught a ride back to Seattle, flew to L.A. for a connection flight to HK.
What a guy!

Seen at left, l-r are Pui Kee, Nicholas, Ronald, Joseph, John, Seal, Cecil




Ronald Law Wing Keong resurfaced after 40 years and went visiting.
First stop was Los Angeles, where he found Felix Leung Wing Hang, Vincent Lee Wo Sang (Sahn Jick), Edmund Cheung Chee Yung and Mike Ngan Yiu Cheung.
Seen at right, l-r, are Felix, Ronald, Vincent, Edmund and Mike.


Law Wing



Michael Szeto


For a recent update of Michael, up to year 2000 that is, please click MSzeto.

Michael, when you see this and if you wish to make contact, click Cecil.






2006-12-16 Saturday
A dinner meeting was arranged with a couple of newly reconnected brothers, namely Lee Pui Kee 李霈祺 and John Lam Wan Fung 林雲峰. After much updating and joking with each other, the WY67ers posed for the group picture.The banner was produced by Nicholas Lai and is self explanatory. While no birthday cake was in sight, we had cookies and wine and toasted ballchai.
l-r: Mike, Angela & Cecil, Lee Pui Kee, Sheila & Joe, Joanne Lee, John Lam, Jamie & Nicholas.




SoCal Mini Reunion 1


Ballchai, Felix Leung Wing Hang, Vincent (Sahng Jick) Lee and Mike Ngan Liu had a nice mini reunion tonight at the monthly dinner gathering organized by the So. Calif. Wah Yan Alumni Association, at the Holiday Cafe in Monterey Park.


SoCal Mini Reunion 2


Fish Ball Noodle Shop



It is a well know fact that any visitor from abroad must have a bowl of fish ball noodle soup at On Lee Restaurant on Shaukiwan Main Street. The fish ball noodle soup not only cures hunger, it is an omen that one will run into old friends in the Restaurant. Such is the case here.
The familiar pangs of hunger drove Stephen Leung to Shaukiwan one fine November day. The aroma of fish balls enticed him to wander into On Lee, following an odor that he faintly remembered from his wilder days. As soon as he entered, he was greeted by Edmund and Peter, who were there checking on the quality of the soya and hot sauces. Joined by Anna Tsui, they shared a table and an excellent lunch of fish ball and beef noodle soup. The group picture on the left was ample evidence. An unknown waiter stuck his head and body into the picture, unbeknownst to Stephen, who paid the bill.


Here are some movies of the 2006 Autumn Reunion:
Making an entrance to the festivites, Stephen Leung and Ku Po Kong, as fellow Torontonians, were met by the videographer.
Next, came Lung Chai. He was warmly greeted by ballchai and Ah Fook.
The party got into full swing at din din.
Everyone had a chance to speak. Here's a clip of Albert Lee Kwok Chuen, Stephen Siu, Dick lau, ballchai and Mario Lee.
A momentous decision was made and the Chairs of the 40th Reunion were selected. After Mario and Nick, Ronald Law Wing Keong spoke.
The speeches continued with Ku Po Kong, Peter Lau Chiu Yin and Lam Chai.
Nick introduced Dr. Edward Woo Sin Wai, followed by Choi Suk, Vincent Li Hoi Yuen, Mrs. Larry Yeung Nai Luen and Donna Eng.
Joe Lung Chai shared his thoughts next and was moved and moving. Then, Albert Leung Kwok Kuen took his turn at the mic.
Stephen Leung then related what happened to him in the last 39 years.
Alex Seng was in top comical form, followed by Dr. Francis Lee Wan Tse.
Super Mario, always the gentleman, thanked the wives and children and friends of our 67 Classmates before Paul Eng introduced his family.
Everyone enjoyed the party and reunion so much that all felt sad to part company.
See you all next November!
- Cecil -


Nick, Lam Chai and Mui Lam organized a reunion in honour of newly reconnected bros, Lung Chai and Ah Fook.

Ah Fook came in from Hawaii with his brood. Other out-of-towners included Stephen Leung and Ku Po Kong from Toronto. Please click on the picture on the right to find out who's who.

Group Pic - Boyz
李國銓, 羅永強, 黃培植,
周永漢, 龍述祖, 顧寶剛,
梁國權, 蕭智豐, 劉超賢,
章子融, 吳福明, 梁祥鴻,
胡善為, 李海元, 林漢基, 林健生,
孫承德, 李允志, 李梅林, 楊傑材, 劉迪光, 徐佩傳
Lung Chai &
What a wonderful reunion night! The Class 67 home page was projected on the screen all night long and all those old pictures induced much laughter and interesting conversation. The mic was passed around and everyone was asked to say something to sum up what happened to him after 1967. Some were serious and a little emotional but most tried to be smart and cracked jokes as frequently as possible.
The location of the meet and greet was at the Disciplined Services Sports & Recreation Club, Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, HK. Arranged by Super Mario, food was of course supplied in copious amounts and quality was out of this world. Those with 6-packs ate as much as those without.
Food - 民以食為天

Email messages from Ah Mou, Andrew Lau and Paul Chan were read out and that made us feel that they were right there with us.
Paul Eng, our guest of honour was awarded a Cup by Joe Lung for winning the ping pong tournament. That was no surprise to us because Paul is ranked 21 in Hawaii.

Paul & Ballchai
Catching up on each other for the first time since 1967 for some of the participants, the evening was emotionally charged. Remembering happy times years ago brought tears to more than one eye. This is the appropriate time for grown men to regress into Boyz. Boyhood stories were shared, compared and exaggerated; smart ass comments abound. Triggered by images from years before, the good old days got better and better.
Boyz Relaxing

Where would we be without our loved ones? Persons of significance were present, not to keep a tight rein but to share and help celebrate our esprit de corps and friendship. Their tolerance of our tomfoolery, their patience with our neglect at this occasion and their stoic understanding of our unverbalized appreciation and love was deeply and truly appreciated.

Boyz & Girlz

What would an event like this be without the group photo as stipulated by Nick? So here it is on the left, the Boyz and Girlz of the 2006 Autumn Reunion. A total of 22 Boyz attended.
It is not that easy to figure out who came with whom. Some are obvious in the picture. For a complete list of names, email President for Life Nick

Ah Fook DimSum


Paul Eng Fook Ming. aka Paul Ng Fook Ming, better known to his friends as Ah Fook, brought his persons of significance to HK for root-finding and seeing friends from long ago. What would such a visit be without sharing of Dim Sum? Along with Dim Sum, of course, is tea sipping.Seen here in fine tea sipping form are:Standing l-r: Stephen Siu, Peter Lam, Edmund Cheung, Dick Lau, Nick Tsui

Seated l-r: Greg "Da Bun" Lam, Paul, Donna, Ryan, Andrea Eng



A Very Happy 60 Years Old Dick!
Dick's children planned and organized a great party to please their old man. The finest of wine, food and company, topped off with a video show of greeting clips from family and friends overseas.
Somehow, they even managed, not without great difficulty, to let him win $80 at the mah-jong table. Dick was indeed much pleased. He was all smiles all night long. His speech was focused specially on our Class 67. As expected, he was interrupted more than once by James Yeung and Mario Lee who couldn't resist from cracking jokes in response to contents of his speech. More fun was thus added to the already warm and loving speech... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DICK!


Dick Admiration

Back L to R: Nick Tsui, James Yeung, Stephen Siu, Dick Lau, Peter Lam, Mario Lee, James Chan, To Man Kuen
Front: Alfred Ng, Edmund Cheung, Albert Leung, Patrick Lam, Lawrence Yeung


Ah Fook's Family


Our newly found long lost brother Paul Eng Fook Ming with his family. Ah Fook lives in Hawaii now and works in the petroleum industry. You can find him at his 3rd favourite pasttime, surfing and hanging ten in Waikiki. <<<--- l-r: Ryan, Donna, Andrea and Paul



Ah Fook Surfing


Group Lunch


2006-07-03 saw Ah Mou and wife Carolyn and daughter Erin driving from New Jersey to visit old friends in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After many hours on the road, the 繆 family arrived and found White Rabbit and Jenny at the Ambassador Restaurant. Sharing stories and good food were in order and a good time was had by all. There was no chopstick fighting or throwing of food, and civility ruled the day. Fun and fellowship was enjoyed and promises were made to do the same at the next earliest opportunity.



Later, Louis went drinking with more old friends. Being the designated non-drinker, White Rabbit, true to his name, had OJ. The others happily imbibed martinis and beers and got happier. Attitudes were adjusted with enthusiasm. Nick, our Prez 4 Life, was called in HK by the group, and was roused from bed at 10:30 am. Louis thanked Nick for his fantastic work in bringing us together and roundly shined his shoes.Seated l-r: Paul Chan Ka Bun, David Lok Kwok Kai, Stephen Leung Cheung Hung, Ah Mou 繆國禮, Remus Tsang Siu Lun


Happy Group


Four Caballeros

l-r: Remus, Paul, Cecil, Stephen



Sunday, September 17, 2006 The bonding and renewal of friendship of the Four Caballeros, sitting in a dim sum palace, sipping tea and reminiscing and catching up on the last 39 years, in sleepy Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.The buys in black had the same body shape as years ago. The boys in white were packing extra subdermal insulation, not kevlar body armour, contrary to popular belief.

Remus "White Rabbit" Tsang, Paul "Crazy Horse" Chan, Cecil Fung Chi Chung, Stephen Leung Cheung Hung



Topics of discussion ranged from our times at Wah Yan, our children and grandchildren, and our commitment to attend the 40th reunion.This picture was taken on 2006.09.16, 2 days after Paul's 2nd grandchild, a lovely girl named Chloe, made her premiere entrance to the world.

l-r: Jenny, Remus, Angela, Paul, Cecil, Stephen --->>>



Dim Sum Group



Obituary: Rev. Fr. Joseph Foley, S.J.

Fr. Foley Obituary

Updated 09.08.2006

Please join us in a moment of silence to grieve the passing away of late Fr. Foley. Late Fr. Foley left this world at 11pm 4th September 2006 (Dublin time) in his nursing home in Dublin. This photograph is hardly a recent one but it is one image that many of us will always remember him by. You may all be comforted to learn that of late, many old boys have written to late Fr. Foley and a few even made the trip over especially to visit him. I am happy to report that all these made him extremely glad. One good way to measure a good teacher must be by how many old students take the trouble to visit him. From the gestures of Wahyanites, late Fr. Foley's relatives also got to learn how great a part of life Wah Yan had been to him and vice versa. They are all very proud of late Fr. Foley and were able to persoanlly sense the affection displayed by the locals a few years ago during their visit to HK. The funeral in Dublin was held on 7th September in the Jesuit Church Dublin. In the meantime, take stock of our fond memories for the kind man who came all the way from Ireland, who taugh us so much and made a difference in many of our lives. Enjoy the reassuring knowledge that Fr. Foley is now peacefully by God's side. The Requiem Mass for late Rev. Fr. J. Foley, S.J. will be held at the Cathedral, Caine Road, on 14th September, 2006 at 7:30p.m. Cardinal Zen will be the Chief Celebrant.

Nick Tsui 2006.09.05


Fr. Foley left this earth on September 04, 2006, at 11:00 pm Dublin time. Funeral mass will be held on September 7th in Dublin. Please go to http://www.wahyan-psa.org for updates. While his passing was not totally unexpected, I am experiencing a great sense of loss.I remember Fr. Foley. I first knew him as our Principal in Primary 5. He was our quintessential version of 007. With his slightly crooked smile, a glint of good-natured mischief in his eyes and a quiet self-confidence in each step, had he not received the calling of the Church, I could almost see him holding a double vodka martini in one hand, mesmerizing all the ladies at hand, and breaking the bank at baccarat. However, he became a spiritual man, a servant of God and mentor, teacher and friend to us all. He often joked with us and played along with us, all the while knowing that his “wings” are being tied into a knot behind his back. As you open the attached file, please read what Fr. Foley wrote to us some 39 years ago. We have been reunited by email and we are living the spirit of Wah Yan as Fr. Foley had hoped for.And now, he is peacefully at God’s side.

Cecil Fung 2006-09-05


This is indeed sad news to us all. I remember Fr. Foley fondly. He was my badminton partner and we won many games due to ... me. I especially remember the times when I didn't wear school designed uniform and was caught by Fr. Foley at the entrance. He wouldn't scold me per se, but would simply wring my ear and raise it a few inches so that I would get the message.He was a good-natured man with such handsome looks. Yes, he was very attractive, and actually better looking than 007. Though I don't know if he would sip martinis, but I am sure he was fond of the wine's of benediction.All kidding aside, I miss all my father and y'all.

ballchai 2006-09-05


I could remember how I loved to climb up and down the slopes of Wah Yan next to Stubbs Road, during lunch time. I enjoyed the excitement of hiding amidst the tall grass and the tranquility looking up the blue sky lying on grass. I was caught by Fr. Foley while I stuck my head out. He cautioned me, of course, but I think he did not really forbid me, as I kept this adventurous activity for quite some time. There are so much that we have gained from Wah Yan, particularly all the devoted and loving fathers.I could not remember when I last met Fr. Foley after I left Wah Yan. As circumstances went, I maintained good contact with Fr. Deignan. I count this one of greatest blessing from God.I was fortunate enough to have the chance to share some fine wine with Fr. Deignan in recent years. How I wish the same with Fr. Foley. May that be fulfulled some time in the arms of God.May the spirit of the Jesuit priests and Wah Yan long last and best wishes to you all.

Francis Lee Wan Tsi 2006-09-05


After leaving Wah Yan in 1968, the next time I contacted Fr. Foley was in preparation of the International Conference in Toronto in 2002. Although he could not attend due to his health, he sent us a photo and message. Since then, he'd send me a Christmas card every year with a few words in it.I'll treasure these as well as the everlasting memory of a great mentor and teacher.

Matthew San 2006-09-06

Late night supper at New York City Chinatown, shared by the 2 families. Unparalleled hospitality by the 繆's was demonstrated here by the amount of food on the table. Apparently, blue is a favourite colour.

l-r: Erin, Chris, Louis, Cecil, Angela, Carolyn --->>>


Late Supper in NYC Chinatown  


Remus and Louis in Vancouver


Headbanging session between the Tsangs and the 繆家. Picture was taken on August 25, 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but could have masqeraded as any similar restaurant anywhere in the world. <<<--- l-r: Remus, Jenny, Carolyn, Erin, Louis



A group get-together at Nicholas Lai's home in Vancouver, BC on August 27, 2006. Attendees include Andrew Lau Chee Shun, Robert Lo See, Nick the President Tsui, Andrew Chu Lok Yan, Mike Cheung Chee Kee and Gilbert Seal Tan Sze Yiu.

l-r: Andrew L, Robert, Nick, Andrew C, Nicholas, Mike, Seal --->>>


NOLai Home



Gala Dinner


The IC2006 Gala Dinner on Saturday, August 19 was co-chaired by 67er Joe Hui. These are some of the dressed up boys and girls.B: l-r: Nicholas, Seal, Nick, Cecil, Angela

F: l-r: Gladys Tan, Anna Tsui, Brian Tsui


On Friday, August 18, a mini reunion was held. The occasion brought together the Six Old Guns, their Roses and significant persons. Reunited for the 1st time since F.5, we quickly renewed old friendships, shared memories and laughter, and had a grand time.
Six Old Guns


The Six Old Guns, brimming with WY Spirit, toasted Wah Yan, the occasion, each other and you.

<<<--- l-r: Andrew Lau Chee Shun, Nicholas, Cecil, Nick, Mike Cheung Chee Kee, Seal



Cecil came with Angela and Chris; Mike escorted Ivy; Nicholas brought along Jamie and Josh; Nick grooved in with Anna and Brian; Seal tagged along with Gladys and Mike T. Guns: Josh, Chris, Nicholas, Nick, Mike, Cecil, Seal, Mike T, Brian --->>>

Roses: Jamie, Ivy, Anna, Angela, Gladys --->>>

Guns and Roses  
Andrew and Julia  

Andrew had to leave right after dinner. Here's a pic of the ever quiet gentleman and his lady Julia.

<<<--- l-r: Nick, Mike, Jamie, Brian, Anna, Julia, Andrew



This is Cecil Fung reporting on another headbanging session of the 67 boys. The occasion was the International Conference hosted by the Vancouver Chapter in August, 2006. Under the expert tutelage of our President for Life Nick, I managed to sneak into the ranks of the Rookie Web Updater. So, here goes .....


It was the evening of Thursday, August 17, 2006, at the River Rock Casino Hotel in Richmond, BC, Canada. The all too familiar refrains of 'The House of the Rising Sun" wafted in the air, setting the mood. Our beloved Father Deignan, looking radiant as ever, tended to his flock of a bunch of 67 boys, emotional yet stoic, and 2 lovely ladies.

B: l-r: Cecil Fung Chi Chung, Nicholas Lai Oi Man, Anna Tsui, Jenny Tsang --->>> F: l-r: Gilbert Tan Sze Yiu, Fr. Deignan, Remus "White Rabbit" Tsang, Nick "President for Life" Tsui --->>> 2006.08.25


Group Picture  
CC & Group

At the IC2006 Reception, a very youthful looking Mr. Yu, with more hair on his head and a smoother skin on his face, made a bunch of 67ers act and, more appropriately, feel their age. A picture of the moment is presented for rumination.

l-r: Seal, Cecil, Nick, Mr. Yu, Nicholas, Joseph Hui Kam Chung, White Rabbit.


As the Group dashed off for some late night nosh, a spectacular chance encounter caught them posing with a mentor of memories past. Tight in body, with a thinning yet flowing silvery mane, he was none other than Mr. Fung Kam Sang, our Chinese History teacher, he of the deep permanent tan!

l-r: Seal, White Rabbit, Cecil, Nicholas, Mr. Fung, Joe Hui, Nick --->>>


AhC at Reception with Group  



 Annual Ball group photo taken on 2005.12.21



Old men and the sea? No! It's old pals and the sea view... Ah Yin and Dick Lau dropped by Nick Tsui's office in Shau Kei Wan for a quick fish ball lunch on 2005.12.29.




Boxing Day dinner with Eric Chan Yin Wing (Ah Yin) who had just flew in from Toronto on Christmas Eve.




The gang at home treated Ah Mou at home and in Tai Koo Place. 2005.11.09 & 15





Ah Mou threw a party in the Conrad Hong Kong. 2005.11.10


Yeung Nai's birthday party - 2005.09.28



Louis 繆 flew in from the N.Y. to check out the L.A. joint - 2005.07.06




Mike Ngan Yiu Chueng (Ngan Liu) met up with Vincent Lee Wo Sang (Sang Chik) in L.A. 2005.05



Want to know what 'Dean Chai' is up to?   

26 November, 2004
A fine example of lifelong learning, James Yeung Kit Choi was a Form 5D boy in 1967 who spent most of his time on the basketball court with his school team buddies. He never paid too much attention to his books. Yet more than three decades later, on 24 November 2004, he was conferred the Doctor of Business Administration degree.

"I developed the interest to further study purely because I was influenced by Tao Man Kuen, one of my best friends in Wah Yan. He had two Master Degrees, so I thought I could do it too. Later, the more I studied, the more I felt I was really deficient in knowledge. So I kept going. I intend to do a PhD in History later on. However, I would like to take a little time off to enjoy life with my wife Dorothy and my family before I take up further studies," says Dr. James Yeung, the GM of Dragooair South East Asia.

"I would like to share my experience with young Wahyanites and would like to say that the pursuance of knowledge is never enough, and thus is never ending. As long as there is a will, there is a way. It's never too late to try!" he continued.

10 May 2004
Gilbert Tan Sze Yiu sneaked into Hong Kong briefly and managed to meet up with his '67 classmates in the Tai Woo Restaurant in Causeway Bay. James Yeung flew in from Bangkok where he represented DragonAir, Dick Lau from Shanghai where he was a property developer and Lawrence Yeung just got off a plane from Paris. Gilbert, our man from Vancouver, was accompanied by his wife Gladys and son Derrick.
By the way, congratulations to Dick Lau for having just become the first grand daddy of the class of '67!

Immediately following the World Health Organization's lifting of its international travel advisory against visiting Hong Kong yesterday (23rd May 2003), many Hong Kong residents ate out to celebrate for the first time in over 50 days. Members of WYHK basketball school team of the '60s too were doing their share of reviving Hong Kong's economy at the New Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui.
According to the managing director of the New Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant, wife of Mario Lee Mui Lam, their restaurant is happy to offer a special 10% discount (except for items on set menu) to all Wahyanites from both the Hong Kong and Kowloon schools. "Just ask for Poon Shou Ying", she said. The restaurant offers an interesting combination of Japanese and French cuisines.



Back row L to R: Lawrence Yeung (fan), To Man Kuen (team member), Nick Tsui (fan), Peter Tam (team captain), James Yeung (team member); Front row L to R: Patrick Lam (he played badmington but attended this gathering because he couldn't locate his badmington teammates), Mario Lee Mui Lam (team captain), Peter Lam (Internet comic guru responsible for cheering up the class of 67 by providing daily entertainment during the SARS attack), James Wong (fan). The redness and the dazed look on the faces were caused by the chilled Japanese Sake.


11 Oct 2001 or 16 Aug 2001

The class of 67 dinner in honour of Andrew Chu Lok Yan (visiting from Edmonton, Canada) and Raymond Kwan Pak Ho (from Houston, Texas) was held at the Pine & Bamboo Restaurant, Causeway Bay, the same restaurant the group frequented over 30 years ago during lunch breaks.

Seated left to right: Andrew Chu, Raymond Kwan, Paul Chan, Wong Hung Ki, Alex Seng, Michael Chung.
Standing left to right: Nicholas Tsui, Stephen Siu, Alfred Chow, Tong Man Kan, Mario Lee, James Wong and Peter Lam


December of 1989, BBQ at Shek O.


In memory of our beloved Brian Wong and our favourite Pine & Bamboo Restaurant (closed down in 2005). Pictures taken in 1989.



Good Old Wah Yan Days

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